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Frage von hdpixel:


I'm new here in the forum but have already been read and searched. Since I do not question my right answer to that, I open a new topic. So please, not gripe if it already has been asked many times :-)

So I would like to see a new video camera to buy.
Until a few months ago I still have with an old JVC recorded on MiniDV.

Now I want something better, because my hobby, I would like to actively operate.
With the cams, I would like to create short film projects.

The following Cams I anges:
- Canon XH A1
- Canon XH A1s
- SonyHDR-FX1000

My questions are:
1) The Canon XH A1 and XH A1s test did not report on all significant differences. Is it worthwhile for my projects because the XH A1s to buy?
2) The Canon XH A1 (s) and the HDR-FX1000 have similarly well in the test report is truncated. The FX1000 has only not XLR but better viewfinders and a better display. Since I do not know when I need XLR überhaubt times, what could you recommend me? Canon or Sony / CCD or CMOS? The FX1000 is synonymous slightly cheaper than the A1s.
3) The angebeliche problem with the lens in the Canon. Come here as often really fault the lens on? (Minus point in the test report).

4) For the Canon, you can load presets (of SD cards) is something synonymous with the Sony?

Questions about issues, but I hope I get some answers:)
Would I really be helpful.

Thank you and have a nice Sunday.


Antwort von Axel:

Some points you call itself not quite as negligible, the mere display of the Canons. On the credit page, however, two points that you did not mention: 1 The somewhat better resolution. 2. The "f" mode (quasi-progressive), of the NLE's better now supported (for "i"-hater is the rash).

XLR is designed for good sound is not synonymous wrong. As for the presets, it uses it in the end but in the sense that the most perfect neutral to achieve Picture (Search "proboscis --3dB" etc. or "True Colors"), and this may perhaps not being at Sony this scale change, but you need not be synonymous.

This indicates to me, as I chose. I would but synonymous with the failure of Sony sucks get. There is no totally wrong decision. Throw a coin.


Antwort von r.p.television:

The FX1000 can do everything better at once, the XH A1 is in the hands of an advanced but perhaps the better choice.
For the automatic filmmaker is the XH A1 is not in any event. But who the last by our own presets out of white with the Canon will probably make better pictures. Although synonymous personal taste decides.
The FX1000 is taken from the pack first look at the beautiful pictures. As the disappointed Xh A1 regelrecht. But once properly tuned by Custom presets makes pictures at their own taste. And I like that s.der XH A1 very good. The display, however, is really a frivolity.
XLR is for me indispensable. If you have time to work with an external sound like incredibly valuable - all the connections are physically much better than those in the bushings rotating mini jack (or times rushing crack no sound).


Antwort von Flashlight:

Times I could test both cameras side by side - unfreiwilligerweise. I had asked the lender an XH-A1 ordered a second camera for a concert recording, which with my XH-A1 should deliver identical picture. Unfortunately, the lender then missed and so I found a FX1000 in the shipping package, return it was not because the concert took place s.gleichen days. The FX1000 is easy to use, usual Sony quality, which went quite well without the Manual. So I then tried synonymous, a possible identical to the Canon Picture added bend. It succeeded, but only approximately. My impression was that the Canon has visibly better images makes grad in low light conditions and a crisp picture attractive returns. The Sonyneigte somehow to the fraying of color, it sometimes seemed over-emphasized.
Signing, I must, however, that the Canon just needs to be set. Thanks proboscis' presets can be synonymous but so fast Right. If only eh automatic and started filming it wants but it seems that the more Sonyeinem workload. But building is technically the Canon for me but a bit better.
Just my 2 cents. Flash.


Antwort von krokymovie:

see it out hierhere hier


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