Infoseite // Canon focuses on MPEG-2 4:2:2 HD with 50 Mbps

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This is news to report with pictures and link to the pages slashCAM Magazine


Antwort von rakzak:

Well, finally, is something new to hear of Canon. With Exchangeable optics that could be a blast!


Antwort von rk-film:

Same to me!



Antwort von rk-film:

And in a few days, we know how the camera looks like this:

NOTE: The San Francisco SuperMeet will be the first worldwide public unveiling of Canon 's new MPEG-2 CODEC. ... The San Francisco SuperMeet will therefore be the first U.S. public preview of s.upcoming file-based HD video camera from Canon. Joe Bogacz of Canon wants to present solutions for matching Canon 's file-based cameras with the most functional workflow choices for high-end production.

1 / 3 "or 1 / 2" - that is the question.

Further information is available here:

Gruß Reinhard


Antwort von Christian Schmitt:

"rk-film" wrote:
1 / 3 "or 1 / 2" - that is the question.

And 2 / 3 "is the hope;)
Be honest, now, after years of success and HVX/EX1 habit, just ne nem A1 with a better codec - all this is to be?
5/7D go s.wie Schmitt's cat who is the VJ market with Henkel men fully serviced, what's really missing is a 2 / 3 "shoulder-mounted camera that is all that the HPX300 is not too expensive and the 500 sold (the same is synonymous determined Sony).
And while you could still own mitverkaufen Lenses ...

At least, always came out before the XL cameras and then the smaller XM/A1 brothers, if I remember correctly ...


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