Infoseite // Canopus ACEDVio Composite to S-Video cable?

Frage von Petra76:

my adapter (; 7pin) is of composite to S-Video, unfortunately, lost. I've heard that Canopus a special pin configuration of this adapter has made, which means that you need the original adapter of Canopus. Manufacturer of other adapter will not work apparently. Can anyone confirm this? Or if anyone has this card, make a Stillimage of the cable and send it to me? That would be really nice. Thanks in advance!


Antwort von 0711video:

at canopus / grass valley, you can reorder it safely on a short official channels, instead of long to investigate:
phone 02602 / 1069 - 0

either the administration or on the technology assistance 1069-100
Fridays only clock 12.00.

then n adapter should not cost 1000 ¬.


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