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Canopus HD brings special capture card - Pegasus of rudi - 21 oct 2007 22:07:00
As readers of our Willi Schmitt notifies Canopus has now officially his new Pegasus capture card presented. It is a PCI Express card, the SD, but especially HD video via HDMI, analog component YPbPr, S-video, composite video and analog RGB (ie VGA out) on hard drive can record. Through a separate connecting cable you can even record DVI signals. The trick here is that the video will not be uncompressed, but with the Canopus HQ codec is stored. Since the codec in hardware on the card has been implemented, the processor must be synonymous not be powerful.
The NX-NLE editing cards through the card will not be replaced. Rather, Pegasus in special cases shine. For example, in the creation of video tutorials (VGA signals up to 1280 x 1024 with 60p recording). For further found the Canopus Codec Pack included, with the Canopus HQ files in many popular video applications can be used. It is synonymous shipped an SDK, with which their own applications, Pegasus has developed.

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Antwort von Anonymer Bauer:


can someone tell me how to get HD via composite or S-video recording?

Thank you



Antwort von Frank B.:

Is everything in the text. The card can record HD and SD.
Schön would have been if an HD preview of a video monitor in full Resolutionermöglichen could.
That seems not to be possible.



Antwort von otzelot:

Can such a card with signals of zBeiner HVX200 in better quality capture? Or in this direction is no such thing possible?


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