Infoseite // Capturing HDV with Premiere Pro 1.5.1. And SonyHC1E

Frage von PeterP:

Hi All,
We test for a few days SonyHC1E and have come across weird problems:

- Cam is easily recognized under Premiere Pro 1.5.1, preview display, capturing synonymous erstmal funktionniert. In gecapturten file is found, but mostly only artifact salad. We did once tested on different computers, the same everywhere.
- Mac capturing funktionniert properly
- As with a trial version of Ulead Media Studio 8

-> Can not be a problem of the action to be yourself.
The calculator used are no longer quite fresh as a daisy (P4, 2.6 GHZ, 1GB Ram), but should capture at least clean.

Has anyone collected a similar experience or perhaps a solution at hand?

Thx in advance


Antwort von molch:

The 1:51 version is the hdv enabled?

even if it did not work, nor the free gibts capdvhs or how exactly it means.


Antwort von Bernd:

Premier Pro gibts an HDV mitlerweile update.

But I think that you have installed already.

To enable a perfect capture, you should check in your BIOS to see if Hyperthreating (?) Is activated. If not -> Enable.
That was for me at least the problem.

Hope have helped him.



Antwort von Bruno Peter:

How quickly can capture passes the hard drive data?


Antwort von PeterP:

Have now tried something completely different:
HDV update for Premiere a stripped down version of CineForm AspectHD is inside. ) With the release gehts (not as described.

Paradoxically, everything funktionniert shiny after I installed me the trial of the full version of AspectHD. Can neither s.Hyperthreading nor s.der speed of the plate lie.

Either the "free" Cineform plugin is crap, or whatever synonymous always;)


Antwort von MiXMaster:

I installed the trial of Aspect HD synonymous, but for me synonymous then the picture noise (artifacts) are present. Times I would put the entire system and then try again - another Council, unfortunately I do not know any more (well - last version) is a new PC. For more tips, I am very grateful.


P4 2.4 GHz hochgetaktet to 3.2 GHz, 512 RAM enough disk space ...


Antwort von norbert:

For me, the problems were gone after I've closed all the background running Programs.



Antwort von Wuifal2005:

Great tip - after I've closed all the Programs running in the background it works just perfectly synonymous (in Premiere Pro 1.5.1 with the Trial of ASPECT HD). THANKS


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