Infoseite // Capturing HDV with Premiere Pro 2.0

Frage von fragile:

I would like HDV material of my SonyHDR-FX1 in Windows XP SP2 capture and with Premiere Pro 2.0 intersect. Unfortunately yes, I need to a specific codec or a special plug-in for Premiere Pro 2.0, namely the zb of CineForm AspectHD.

synonymous, there is another way, all to capture and edit in Premiere? Is it possible with HDVSplit and then into a WMV codec or on a Mac and then the Quicktime file in Premiere importierne? Who has experience with dererlei workflows?

What codec is used because HDSplit? The MPEG2 codec, which in Windows is possible? Or where there is a free MPEG2 codec that with my Sony cam material can handle?


Antwort von Mora57:

Premiere Pro 2.0 uses the native HDV codec, which means that you need nothing other than Premiere Pro 2.0


Antwort von fragile:

well, my Sony is in XP only as A / V Device in Premiere and not identified. What should I do in Premiere capture, if the cam is not recognized?


Antwort von Witti:

So, in theory, works like this:
Camera connect.
Premiere 2 Start
HDV Create Project
Then capture.

And if does not work, then there is still the Adobe support.
If you but the 30-day trial version of Premiere loaded at times have to look if everything works, I must disappoint you. Since the HDV weggellassen function.


Antwort von winnithedevil:

Hi folks,

I thought that the synonymous one.

I would like HDV material of the Canon HV10 via FireWire

in Premiere Pro 2 Capture. It does not funzt

There is no capture device for HDV.

Please help.



Antwort von Witti:

---> Adobe Support!


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