Infoseite // Class 500-650 EUR: Sony, Canon, Panasonic ... ?

Frage von meisterlampe:

Hello dear people,

I am looking for nem handy HD camcorder in the price range 450-650 Eur subjective opinions are equally as desirable as an objective.

Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC ...?
And which model? HF-something, SR-something? Despite a long search I'm really overwhelmed - or just because: D

Thank you in advance and greetings from

PS: Is it possible to achieve on Lenses with a cinematic "depth blur? The extreme depth of bothers me somehow always:)


Antwort von Jan:

Among the currently available cameras, I would take the Canon HF 200th

After my election, the 105th .. SonyCX Sanyo HD 2000 ... was 200th JVC HM .. Panasonic SD 10 +20 .... Samsung HMX H 100th

There are already many comparisons here, most of which resembled Video Magazine. This is when all the cameras to flash memory. If a hard disk model is desired () precisely because of high capacity for no extra coal, we can incorporate the XR 105 of Sonyoder even with the Canon HG 20.

The last few days I have repeatedly responded to) (Postüberlick.



Antwort von meisterlampe:

Thank schonmal ...
So synonymous with you the thrust of "Canon" - one reads any more. You'd think Canon would have bribed everyone and everything: D

If I could get the HF100 for the same money, you'd prefer due to its superior image quality of the HF200?

What is my question with regard to depth of field - you can tell me what to say? Would be great!

Thanks and greetings from F.


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