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Frage von gape:

hello the first time,

I'm new here. 've either by google and synonymous on this site looking for a problem, but only found similar problems without (proper) solution.

I have bought a camcorder of JVC (GZ-MG630). I am very happy with it and yesterday with av cables (cam-Page 1 plug, plug tv page 3) transfer and everything was great. Today I want to do the same thing again and just get a black and white picture on the tv - the same video as yesterday synonymous or synonymous, the menu colors. on the cam-display all was right in color, only it did not work. I had checked the plug - not fake or too little connected. that was cable of yesterday to today is not synonymous any suspended load or moisture, or synonymous or I see absolutely no different to yesterday. anyway is simply no more. * * Hmpf

pls help


Antwort von JMS Productions:

Something is adjusted in the menu, either of the camera, or from the Television? Television Shows of yet, the TV picture in Color?

Otherwise I can just tap on the cable, synonymous if you're saying that nothing had happened to it for free - maybe another precaution times ...


Antwort von gape:

I've adjusted s.fernseher do anything. extra precaution even now specifically set to pal. has brought nothing. normal transmitters are shown as normal in color. s.der cam while I flipped through the menu a bit, but nothing comes close to what changed with color do or signal.


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