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Verständnisfragen bei Video Dslr

Comprehension questions for video DSLR

Frage von Marv:
Dezember 2010


I'm new here in the forum and would like to participate actively occasion was of course a separate issue.
I hope that you can help me here when I can and help with other things.

The Problem:

I have a Nikon D5000 for about 1 1 / 2 years and am able to cope very well, at least in the photograph.
For me photography Technically everything clear, but the films I have some difficulties ..

I'll ask questions just pure,

I write first what I have understood and would be grateful if you could tell me if this is so true.

In D5000 I rumprobiert a bit and could find that I do set the aperture first, then I live view mode s.and it is synonymous, but I have to go out again each time from the LV mode, so I Aperture can be set.
So I've experimented then added, synonymous everything works, so the depth of field.
But then came the problem I had in low light, Aperture 5.6 A well-exposed picture, but Aperture 8, the picture was too dark here, I then found out that it is because not enough light is available so that compensate for the camera that can, has in good weather it works.

Then I tried to work with the exposure time, but yet I could not tell the difference. I set up Aperture 6.5 and then to 1 / 20, 1 / 50 or 1 / 100, but it has done absolutely nothing!

To this end, I have noticed that I can but in Live View mode with the "exposure" ride, that is, I make the video slightly lighter or darker.

Now my questions:

1. What does this have with the exposure time to yourself why nothing changes?
2. Why is not altered by adjusting the ISO speed?
3. Exposure compensation, which then has an impact on Aperture?
4. Can you give me some general tips for the first three tests with my D5000?

As accessories I have a Nikkor 35mm 1.8, 18-55mm VR, a Manfrotto tripod, a Manfrotto video head and I'm just here me out of a rail Igus to build a dolly.

This is really the next question

as I drive to the rails Igus Dolly? With a servo motor, or you can manually run the synonymous quiet and slow, you have any tips?

Greetings Marvin

Antwort von MarioX:

The interaction between ISO, Aperture and shutter speed to take just as synonymous to video. Where you have to have the shutter speed in video mode, the frame rate in mind, so use appropriate values. I think it is likely that only a relatively complicated operation concept, as are many DSLRs, who were originally made for photographs. In some models, manual intervention is always very limited, what does your manual? ;-)

Antwort von pilskopf:

Tip Igus rail, use a rubber band. Me but that is basically too much trouble and am on the search for a way that with an electric train to make. But still found nothing that could fit.

Antwort von Marv:

@ Pils head

how do you mean with the rubber band, which for one, and how you do it?

@ Mario X

The manual? This is a joke that says only.

Go to the Live View mode, make it sharp and press OK. That was then synonymous, to film a Page, if at all.

Otherwise, a more detailed exactly to my questions would be very helpful;)

Antwort von pilskopf:

With the rubber band you pull the sled. You could use any, test a little bit so you get certainly better than slides back with one hand. Does synonymous for panning with a tripod.

Antwort von Marv:

"Pils head" wrote:
With the rubber band you pull the sled. You could use any, test a little bit so you get certainly better than slides back with one hand. Does synonymous for panning with a tripod.

Ok, so for on the track I do it with the rubber band and then I had an idea for slopes, because I could not take a pulley, and then attach a rope s.Ende a vessel which I balance with water as , the top of the camera slowly moves down diagonally?

Ps: Can not enter a well to my questions?

Antwort von soan:

The slider and make oblique with a bucket of water working as a counterweight ääähm ... aha ;-)

1. I think the idea with the rubber band is quark. I have personally designed a belt drive, which is time-consuming and more expensive. Why not simply take a rope and attach this s.Schlitten crank of a crank and pulley by hand?

A rubber band would be to me a great source of error - after all it is extensible and therefore uncontrollable.

2. is a great place to traverse the slide crank up that way, go down quite well by hand by the weight of the carriage / the camera. Remember that you may need a ball head or the like in order to traverse to level off in all directions.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Soan

When it cranks can be jerky when starting up will remind s.meinen "Dolly for Arms" video.

A rubber band (live) could work well because you can then use s.der crank the star drag to let the sled (with the brake)

In the end, however, the belt drive history diee probably best as it can vary depending on the translation speed.

B. DeKid

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