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Frage von waterdragon:


I have now read some relating to Video + DSLR and persecuted synonymous here in the forum many discussions.
The decisive argument for me is simply the depth to which we take a conventional HD camcorder so now but unfortunately has yet to resort to tricks (zooming) or expensive adapters. The lowlight capability, I also appreciate as very good.

Have limited influence on DSLRs I'm aware of.

My limited budget currently makes me tend to the Canon EOS 500D. Despite the 20 fps in full HD.

My question is whether, for example, a Pentax KX synonymous or non-functioning of the Canon DSLR with HD can provide password (and if so,) in what sense.
Thank you.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Ne, the 500D is already very top synonymous in 1280 x 720 mode, there is already a lot - and if the "pictures do not really" then move synonymous rich 20fps .... My 8mm Cam has only 18fps ;-)

B. DeKid

The Pentax comes in the video is not focused against the Canon ... in terms of housing and handling of a Pentax but is generally superior to a normal Canon.
So talk price in the segment.


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