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DV-Avi per DVD2SVCD in DVD umwandeln

DV-Avi via DVD2SVCD to convert to DVD

Frage von MiXMaster:
Oktober 2005


I have a finished cut DV - export video with Adobe Premiere Pro as a movie and wanted to turn now to burn it to DVD.
For this I used DVD2SVCD with CCE.

At the end tells me DVD2SVCD: dvdauthor failed for unknown reasons!
And it will not produce any file in the Video_TS folder. : (

I thought to myself, yes, well, then I'll take DVD-Lab, but when I try to of CCE generated mpg for DVD-Lab is to import the error message:
Cause: Wrong frame size
Size: 672x576 FPS: 25.00 Aspect: 4:3

Here the DVD2SVCD log:

-------------------------------------------------- ------
- 30.10.2005 11:18:47
- AVI to SVCD Conversion
- Avi2Dvd ver 1.2.2 build 2
-------------------------------------------------- ------
- F: \ video \ finished \ France \ Frankreich.avi
Initializing finished.

-------------------------------------------------- ------
- 30.10.2005 11:18:50
- Free on drive C: 53439.41 mb
- AUDIO Extraction
-------------------------------------------------- ------
Audio extraction finished.

-------------------------------------------------- ------
- 30.10.2005 11:19:06
- Free on drive C: 53335.59 mb
- AUDIO conversion
-------------------------------------------------- ------
-------------------------------------------------- ------
- 30.10.2005 11:19:09
- Free on drive C: 53335.58 mb
- AUDIO conversion
-------------------------------------------------- ------

Encoding audio. Filename: F: \ video \ dvd2svcdoutput \ Extracted_audio_1.wav
Executing BeSweet. Commandline:
"E: \ Programs \ DVD2SVCD \ BeSweet \ BeSweet.exe"-core (-input "F: \ video \ dvd2svcdoutput \ Extracted_audio_1.wav output" F: \ video \ DVD2SV ~ 1 \ Encoded_audio_1.mp2 "payload -- logfile "F: \ video \ DVD2SV ~ 1 \ Encoded_audio_1.log")
Audio conversion of F: \ video \ dvd2svcdoutput \ Extracted_audio_1.wav finished.

Audio conversion finished.

-------------------------------------------------- ------
- 30.10.2005 11:19:20
- Free on drive C: 53231.75 mb
- Video Encoding using Cinema Craft
-------------------------------------------------- ------

Executing Cinema Craft Encoder.
StreamSectors: 4546875788
AudioSectors: 2324
VideoPAPO: 70433496
ScanOffsetBytes: 33,174
SeqAligningBytes: 2108392
DVDBytes: 0
VideoEndHeader: 4
SubtitleSectors: 0
EmptySectors: 238.00
PictureSectors: 0.00
PureMPEGStream: 4474298398.00
Seconds: 891.64
CalcMPEGStream: 4474298398.00
Frames: 22,116
CDSize: 4350.00
Number of CDs: 1
Cut point 4346.00
Variable Settings:
Frames: 22,116
Anti Noise Filter: Off
Pass: 3
Image Quality: 17
VAF file creation: On
Video Encoding Mode: Multipass VBR
Min bitrate: 2000
Max bitrate: 8000
Avg. Bit rate: 7200
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (borders, encoded s.4: 3)

--- AVS Begin ---
LoadPlugin ( "E: \ PROGRA ~ 1 \ DVD2SVCD \ AVISYN ~ 1.5PL \ mpeg2dec \ MPEG2D ~ 1.DLL")
AVISource ( "F: \ video \ finished \ Frankr ~ 1 \ Frankr ~ 1.avi", audio = false)
ConvertToYUY2 ()
ConvertToYUY2 ()
LoadPlugin ( "E: \ PROGRA ~ 1 \ DVD2SVCD \ AVISYN ~ 1.5PL \ mpeg2dec \ mpeg2dec.dll") # Contains SmartDeinterlace
SmartDeinterlace (1.15, True, False, True)
Import ( "E: \ Program Files \ DVD2SVCD \ Tylo \ RoBaConditional.avs")
BilinearResize (676.576)
AVS ---- End ----

Closing program
CCE Max Speed: 1,060
Video Encoding finished.

-------------------------------------------------- ------
- 30.10.2005 12:43:35
- Free on drive C: 52570.12 mb
- Multiplexing Audio and Video
-------------------------------------------------- ------
Executing mplex. Commandline:
"E: \ Programs \ DVD2SVCD \ dvdauthor \ mplex.exe"-f 8-o "F: \ video \ dvd2svcdoutput \ MPlex_Muxed_File00.mpg" "F: \ video \ dvd2svcdoutput \ Encoded_Video_CCE_PAL.mpv" "F: \ video \ dvd2svcdoutput \ Encoded_audio_1.mp2 "
-------------------------------------------------- ------
- 30.10.2005 12:43:37
- Free on drive C: 52570.12 mb
- Determining length of audio
-------------------------------------------------- ------
Analyzing finished.

-------------------------------------------------- ------ <

Antwort von Stefan:

You want to burn a DV video to a DVD and take a tool to do that is to burn DVD to SVCD?

I do not understand.
The fat Stefan

Antwort von MiXMaster:

With DVD2SVCD can create synonymous dvd compliant mpg ...
Can be set to "Misc." -> Input file type: AVI, output file type: DVD


Antwort von Stefan:

But this seems not to work or is incorrect. In either case a Avisynth script is generated in the ussteht:

[code: 1: bb64d078ce]
BilinearResize (676.576)
[/ code: 1: bb64d078ce]

And because your DVD compliant image size of 720x576 whistle goes.

The rest of the script for your purposes just as rubbish. Or do you want to deinterlace the AVI source?

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von MiXMaster:

In the following Avisynth setup is correct:

Resize to: DVD (720 x 480/576)

I could now I still believe in "Avisynth command" -> "BillinearResize" Enter parameters manually, but since I have no idea of (I should simply enter times height in width: 720 and at: 576?).

To deinterlace: Dv-Avi still exists interlaced or not? Why a deinterlace filter is now trash?

Schonmal Thanks for your answers!


Antwort von Markus:


A de-interlacing is not to burn a DVD video needed, as is any PAL-image-forming device capable of dealing with "quite normal video.

That with the Resize I do not understand fully: If you have a DV-AVI with the correct size for burning a standard-compliant DVD-Video are available, why do you prune a picture and resize it again after the previous 720 × 576? An increase in quality is not so sure hand in hand.

But that's precisely when one wants to drill a pair of pliers with a hole in the wall. Have you ever thought about the choice of a better tool? Or are you just bored? (Sorry, this comment I could not resist). ;-)

Antwort von Newsbusters:

If you have DV-AVI with the correct size for burning a standard-compliant DVD-Video are available, why do you prune a picture and resize it again after the previous 720 × 576?

I did not realize that I do! But ok, I'll take the time out like that. The bigger question now is: How do I add that from?

I have the following choices:

next is still below:

Resize to: DVD, VCD, CVD

So there is nowhere ne setting as "No Resize" or something ...

And sometimes in passing: I have the video available in true 16:9 and would like unbiased look at 16:9 on my 16:9 television can (although one should be able to see a 4:3 Television with edges (does it work? )).

Have you ever thought about the choice of a better tool? Or are you just bored? (Sorry, this comment I could not resist). ;-)

fg *
Imagine that you have in your life have never seen ne forceps greater than that which is in the toolbox of Papa ...
So would be nice if you could suggest me a better tool. But come with me now, please do not TmpgEnc ...



Antwort von Stefan:

I do not know your Dad from the pincers of his own experience. If you want to stay here: A no-nonsense script would then aussehen_

[code: 1:42 a31c6262]
--- AVS Begin ---
AVISource ( "F: \ video \ finished \ Frankr ~ 1 \ Frankr ~ 1.avi", audio = false)
ConvertToYUY2 ()
AVS ---- End ----
[/ code: 1:42 a31c6262]

ConvertToYUY2 is probably not necessary, but not harm synonymous.

In the original, and thus synonymous in this script the sound unit will not read. why is turned off, I do not know. It may be related with audio problems in CCE. At any rate, for a DVD after you have to have a 48 kHz sampled sound. Anywhere in the DVD2SVCD to convert is. And somewhere still BeSweet is an audio encoder (? Called) or creates a WAV file. SVCD only need 44.1 KHz sampling rate and this is probably the default.

Have you tried the feed directly to CCE MPEG2 encoder?

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von MiXMaster:


thanks, I'll try it with this script once.

The sound unit will not read because I have the following options enabled:
"Do not convert audio (use source audio)"
Whether we can do it that way, I know not at ... But that's not important erstmal.

CCE MPEG2 encoder I have not as yet with this video, "tried alone, but I remember that I tried some time ago to transform a video with CCE alone, but this only led to even more problems.

I'm really not at synonymous fixated on DVD2SVCD. If you have suggestions about what I should try once, then tell me quiet.

TmpgEnc I certainly have been tested, but strangely does the following:
Transformation works like a charm so far (have been synonymous, as far as the quality, found) a good setting, but is behind s.der place 9:26 in the video all black, no sound, no picture!
I nachgeguckt: At this point is absolutely nothing special. So no effect, cut or something else. So in my opinion, absolutely inexplicable. A second attempt led to the same conclusion.



Antwort von Stefan:

Disabling the audio source has meant that there is no MPEG-encoded audio. Thus the mplex puke quietly to themselves and the absence of encoded audio file produced no synonymous multiplexed MPEG File. This is the DVD Author does not synonymous input file and generates no output ...

The encoding of the audio source you can save yourself, in fact, if there is a DVD in the starting material taugiche audio rate (48 kHz). If I did not do, however. It is worthwhile for reasons of space ever to encode the audio portion of MPEG or AC3, and to make the space available to win the video. Or do you want for only about 1.2 GB of audio at 2h overdone, if it can be synonymous only around 0.2 GB?

The problem TMPGEnc s.9 ... in hanging together with a 2GB limit. TMPGEnc has three Einleseroutinen for AVI files. A DirectShow reading, a reading of normal AVIs with 2GB limit and one OpenDML AVI reading. If you like the reading of normal AVIs appear first dranzukommen. You can use the correct options in the TMPEnc where you s.richtigen reading is checked and uncheck the others.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Nightfly!:

AVi to DVD!

There are extra


google google ...


Antwort von MiXMaster:

ja super. google google
You can overdo it synonymous with the tip "google"! In this area there are tons of useful and even more useless infos. The selection of these infos already takes so much time that you hardly have time to read the useful. And also it is, after all with DVD2SVCD, dafür gibts so as I said, the extra option!

with tmpgenc I understood it was synonymous schonmal heard something. So if I want to use again, I know where I need to fix.

have circumvented the problem now, as I've tried mpegencoder main concept. gehts so wonderful, I think the Save for me.
isn super program. I can really only recommend it!

Many thanks habn s.alle who helped me!


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