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Frage von Napfkuchen:

Hello, I hope that I can be here to help.
At least I got through the search had some clues.

I actually make any videos, so I have little or no clue in this area. Two weeks ago, however, has married my niece, and with my Panasonic LX3, I have dispelled some synonymous sequences on video.
To zusammenzuschneiden these fragments I have got Sony Vegas as a trial - which it is synonymous worked amazingly well. The burned about Vegas VCD but will play on our DVD player (Panasonic DMR ES10) only black and white. On the PC, everything is viewed in color.
Now I had read that there should be a format problem. To try this out, I have the DVD player once converted to NTSC - and lo and behold: Color is here!
However, you can watch DVDs with this setting no longer synonymous, and the TV picture will not display correctly. As far as probably normal if the Television is a bit older (Metz) tube.
After further reading here in the forum I downloaded the GSpot program and the final video to examine. Score: PAL.
Even in Vegas, I have the settings under File and in the render dialog to PAL - which is why the output is PAL VCD probably become synonymous.
Only I do not understand the error: The VCD is in PAL, but I can see on the DVD player only in color when I convert them to NTSC (so basically what fü us here is the wrong format).
Now I do not want to give away the VCD so natural and expose myself to ridicule, synonymous, I'm afraid if I burn the material onto DVD, which can likewise be reproduced only in black and white.

What can I do to create a VCD (and a DVD) to burn, which harmonizes with the usual PAL settings of each DVD player?

If there are any details necessary to locate the problem, I will deliver them to you.



Antwort von Mylenium:

Can we abbreviate: Because VCD and SVCD "zusammengehackte" format are, there is zero guarantee that it will run properly on all players. In your case that should simply and movingly s.Player even lie. With DVDs you've definitely not the problem, since the BVideoformate are anyway different. To get as NTSC, you'd have to adjust synonymous NTSC.



Antwort von Napfkuchen:

Thanks for the quick reply - I try out immediately.


Antwort von Napfkuchen:

Has worked out perfectly - although I have now compiled the first time, even a DVD.

Thanks for the help!


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