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Frage von AliasRobi:


Short form of the problem:
I get nothing of a DV camcorder via FW on the PC even though the camcorder and the FW card to be easily detected.

Long form:
After years I finally wanted to once again draw a DV tape to your PC.
Well, what sounds so simple and synonymous years ago was just degenerates now.

I installed my firewire PCI controller.
This was recognized immediately synonymous of XP Pro as NEC OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller.
My Cheap Samsung DV Cam with FW cable was connected s.Controller and whoosh of the camera to remove synonymous recognized.
Now, the camcorder off and FW cables removed.

Since I bought some time ago of ULEAD MediaStudio Pro 7, I installed it and
then wanted to capture video using the DV tape than 7.0 AVI bring to the PC.

Well, unfortunately, the DV-Cam was not detected of video capture.
I then had the drivers in Device Manager of NEC OHCI-compliant switch to only OHCI-compliant drivers.
Has anything been synonymous.

Other DV transfer programs have not been successful or had not realized camcorder.
FW card to another PCI slot set, has been synonymous nothing.
Hardware conflict, there are not synonymous.
Another camcorder connected, this device is synonymous recognized without problems.
Capture, but I can not synonymous of this device to your PC.

Now I'm with my Latin s.end.

Where and how can I continue?
What could be the problem?

True, on my old Athlon XP with a crutch KT600 board I had no problems.
And with Win98 and XP Pro.

Alias | Wavefront MayaRobi

Hardware - Gigabyte G33-DS3R with E7200 and 4GB RAM
FW-Karte/PCI with NEC chip D72874GC
OS: WinXP Pro


Antwort von AliasRobi:


Meanwhile, I did add the following:
- Other FW-use cable
---> Camcorder is detected as before, but capturing not possible
because of the capture programs will be recognized not found or camcorder.

- Replaces ohci1394.sys and 1394bus.sys made by SP1
and looked up here: If FireWire does not work properly

Replacement of the 1394 sys files synonymous to no avail.
---> Camcorder is detected as before, but capturing not possible
because of the capture programs will be recognized not found or camcorder.

Well, no idea what I can do yet.

Is there more general problems with FW on XP with SP3?
Could a FW card with Ti-chip work?

What a pain.

Greetings and have a nice weekend

Alias | Wavefront MayaRobi


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