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Ahoy all, I know that this issue was discussed many times here, and yesterday I spent almost the whole day trying to work through the tips on this subject, but I get no results. So here's my problem:
Have I bought a FireWire card, which is synonymous readily recognized by the calculator. Now when I plug in my DV camera (Panasonic NV-MX5), she is listed in Device Manager views (Imaging devices -> Panasonic Dv Camcorder # 3) and times not - very arbitrary affair. Once it is listed, is synonymous of Windows (XP), a window with various options to edit (video with Movie Maker or with MediaStudiePro7). If I want to use the Movie Maker for capturing, I click my way through the various options, what is going extremely slowly, until there comes the message: "Unknown error". I once looked in Task Manager to see if the CPU load is very high, but false assumption, it is minimal (2%). So here something extremely slows down, despite 1 GB DDR RAM!
If I try with the MediaStudiePro 7 (Video Capture) happened dub the video follows:
- The program seems to respond more lame than the MM (despite low CPULast)
- When the program starts then finally comes the message: "Mitsch envy drivers are loaded," then you see the test image, click on the "recording" but nothing happens and it comes a message "Unable to open specified device. Check it Please see whether your device is ready ", when I now look in the Device Manager, the camera disappears, the Task Manager will capture video of" No Response ".
So I could part (although I do not know if hew PC, camera, or FireWire card) really s.The wall!
I hope that someone can be here with the crucial tip!
Here are my PC data:
AMD 2000 +
Of DigitusConnect FireWire PCI Card (IEEE 1394)
DigiCam: Panasonic NV-MX5
Until then


Antwort von Stefan:

The cut with the "wall s.The" I know.

Yesterday ... For days again had time to do something with DV. But I get nothing of the camera and nothing to the camera. Always "Disconnect".

An hour rumgefummelt ... Think about what has been recently installed and whether drivers were overwritten ( "sh ** ss DV experiments finally! Next time I make backups, really!"). Interrupts newly assigned to the devices. Other devices locked. Drivers herausgekramt and tentatively updated. DV cable replaced. DV Camera exchanged.

Then ... figured out what it was: The DV jack s.der card (or Raptorbay) is bent and not all 4 pins are in contact. Yes, there was what finally when vacuuming. Fies, it's enough for a notification the DV IN on the camera, but not for data transfer and the computer control system. Others tried to jump the DV jack card - everything works as usual.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Jack,

Perhaps you find the following evidence:


Antwort von Jack00:

Hi, thanks for the tips / answers. So I understand the (PC) world is no longer true. I have now been overcome to uninstall my SP2, when I here the most tips (down to just those) have been tested unsuccessfully. So the messages that Windows gives me when uninstalling, are already somewhat frightening, so in style: "After uninstalling you can throw away your calculator. Nevertheless, I remained firm and have SP2, cleaned of the plate. Well after uninstalling and working to recognize the camcorder as well as capturing with the Movie Maker and with MediaStudio Pro7 problems. Great, I thought, problem solved! Because I certainly am a coward and my calculator does not so much like the warnings without SP2 (for the uninstall seems to have worked with me let go), I installed it again, in the belief have the same problems as before, but far from it , everything works (so far) continues. Have absolutely no idea how this is possible, but the thing the main thing is running (and I hope that it runs synonymous nor tomorrow ...). So thank you, and until the next problem (which certainly will occur).
Incidentally, the text of your Mark (see link) is great in the previous post! Unfortunately, it seems the patch of Microsoft regarding the FireWire Troubleshooting no more to give.


Antwort von PowerMac:

Sorry not constructive, but:

Perhaps Switching to the Mac?
Exactly such people like you are always thrilled when you show them a Mac.
Seltenst Crashes, Drivers problems, annoying installations, no BIOS, no SP2, no unpredictability, say it works.
Just iMovie and iDVD are Programs for Beginners, super easy to understand and operate.

Just go to your grave even show store and take your 10 minutes a Mac.
Would be nice if you the posting but "something" helps s.end.



Antwort von Markus:

Hi Jack,

the problems with SP2 are not always and everywhere at once. Many users have a problem, a few not. If your camcorder should be ignored in future persistent back, think back to the easy SP2 (-> program can not access the camera ...).

PS: Thanks for the hint with the no longer existing patch. Who knows another source where you can download the patch?


Antwort von Jan:


Movie Maker is so far as I know the Service Pack 2 (or was it a different installed?) was still there after deinstallation?

Well last week I had a half would be synonymous with a customer s.PC squatting, and was very annoyed:

jvc-is-not-on-computing-on-other-recognized computer-even



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