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Frage von tb69:

Hi All,
I want DVD-VR (; of Canon CD-Edit 10). In NeroVision (; but what I want to get rid due to stability problems) have been parsing every single recording section, imported as a single section that simple beginning and end of cutting permits.
Due to numerous praise I have Magix Video Deluxe installed as trial. Unfortunately, a DVD-VR is read as a section. (Even using the automatic detection of the sections, and use of takes), the recording sections found only partially.
Although I really like Magix else so I can edit my VRs only cumbersome.
Has anyone of you an idea of how to take individual sections of the VR?
Actually I need most of the features do not, I just want intercutting the children and burn videos to DVD. There are simpler tools that make this possible (; Magix Video on DVD 8 solves my problem is not synonymous, see above).
Thanks schonmal and many greetings


Antwort von CommiXV:


schonmal in demand or the Magix support? :-)


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