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Frage von Stephan:

Hello, I think I'm in the wrong forum. Maybe someone can help me? I've seen in a photo presentation, a final (very large with small videos) that I would like to copy it to another President. How does it work??

Gruss Stephan


Antwort von jasmin61:

gehts bit more detail? How did you create the presentation?


Antwort von Nightfly!:

Maybe just under a new presentation, save a different name (everything).
This copy of the project open and clear away, here the beginning or the end can only stop. Next You can then enter the special here other presentation.



Antwort von Stephan:

1. I), the presentations have created with Magix 4.0.

2. I), the two presentations can not save under a new name. The presentation is always completely overwrite



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