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Frage von Nathanjo:

I have (a big problem and I fear that it represents a vulnerability in Video Deluxe, but to go with it) more.

I) a 16:9 video and a 4:3 video (Short Film and comments. I have both integrated into a Diskprojekt, synonymous are no problems with the burned DVD, the DAR tags set properly, etc. BUT: When there is a 16:9 video and the guy is inexplicably presented in 4:3 ... actually still not even correct, it is really zooming that half disappears s.Rand visible (and I'm not talking of overscan) and the whole of the bottom to the top of the entire 4:3 screen without letterboxing expired strips.

Well, as I have solutions erstmal Chapters markers before the end credits removed ( "VII. He thinks it would be a new video?"). Does not work. So I've got a 16:9 picture (created entirely black) and put it underneath so that it all is definitely 16:9. Does not synonymous. Then I took a test basis druntergelegt a video. The video is reasonable to 16:9, the guy did not. In the video editor myself, that is, in the preview window, everything is correct, but in the DVD preview window and on the finished DVD is not .... I'm s.verzweifeln.

Someone there would know of a solution? Is urgent, as I now imagine the afternoon film (must) plus previous rendering.



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Nathanjo,

You have the movie directly exported from the timeline as MPEG2? Then you could try to export only the first guy as AVI (16:9) to. Then save the project under a different name and replace the credits against the new AVI file.

If that does not work, and runs between the film and not a music guy, you could film credits and synonymous in two separate parts MPEG2 convert. In case of export credits then (why always synonymous) only in 4:3 would be possible without error, the text nevertheless unbiased walk.

Good luck! ;-)

PS: The authoring software allows ReelDVD (perhaps for good reason) not a mixture of 4:3 and 16:9 on a DVD. Perhaps even reproducing the DVD player is a problem with the Formatmix?


Antwort von Nathanjo:

The synonymous with the Einzelexportieren would have occurred to me, thanks, I'll try. In itself, mix of 16:9 and 4:3 material on a DVD but not a problem because the films are indeed separate DAR tags (when you see the commercial DVDs so often in the comments, menu, etc., which are In contrast, all 4-3) for the film.

Nevertheless, I do not understand why Magix seems to have been so incorporated into the program ... that destroys the whole of logic and simplicity of the program.


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