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Desktoprechner für Videoschnitt 2007

Desktop computer for DV editing 2007

Frage von antonibg:
Juni 2007

a hello s.die hardware specialists. I have recently presented a increased camcorder with mini-dv and would like in future movies for the internet cut together. how should the underlying hardware equipment look. had myself a little informed. here and the checklist:

at least 3 GHz or doppepprozessor
2 Gb Ram
zb Radeon X1300 graphics card per
2 * HDD 120GB

so this list is ok? and what price should be max. to be paid?

Many thanks in advance ...

Antwort von Peter06:


Antwort von antonibg:

am a newbie, my model is SonyDCR-HC27 mini-DV ...

Antwort von Daigoro:

I finally quite my elderly Calculator (Athlon XP 3000) and upgraded me for something that:

Intel Core2Duo 6320 processor (which has only 1.8 GHz, but it can very easily without the voltage to increase to about 2400 bars overnight, water then 6600er speed is standard).
If you do not want to over clock and have enough money, take the 6600er and 6800er.
The performance of the parts is really incredible. So one hours DV to DVD MPG2 Avi convert it into 'faster than real time (50 minutes) .. my old calculator has ever since 3-4 hours rumgewerkelt.

I've got me for a cheap Gigabyte board with Intel 945P chipset decided. This is not the equipment of more expensive boards (eg with 965 or 975 chipset), but of the performance, stability and rudimentary Uebertaktbarkeit lets nothing to be desired.

I've just only one hard drive (and still no real drawbacks noticed the hobby for DV editing), but if you have money for 2, take quiet two. zb 250er .. or a 250er for Programs and the cheapest 400 or 500 you can find
120 is hardly cheap and too long to be small. If you squint at WD Raptors - you need not - Samsung SpinPoint in various tests have always pretty well off and work very quietly.

Memory - 2GB is good - but to pass that your motherboard Supports up to 4 and that you are for 2 locations to expand freely searched.
Vista will need.
DDR2-800 at the moment are fairly cheap, 1000s give no real performance gains (from various tests ascertained). What is important is that with a straight divider with the processor FSB are linked.

The graphics card is so erstmal DV editing (except for certain software, which supports 3D functions .. but this is more expensive professional matter ne) no big claims. I would not take fanless variant (eg Asus Silent 7300 or so), just to make the system quieter.
Fan noise is annoying at the end if you spend much time s.Calculator.

Depending on your budget, I would in any case a good aluminum case of a well-known manufacturer to schedule (cost about 100 euros so) and on a good brand network (eg Seasonic) value set.
The two things survive several generations loose but find rarest really respect, who is saving itself does no favors.

Summa Sumarum All kost 900-1000 Euro without Screen / Printer etc.

Antwort von JMitch:

Not exactly cheap. I want me now synonymous NEN buy new. With the 2nd hard drive. I'd just had a 250 Gb hard drive available. Unfortunately, it is an external USB. Power, or what is the no preference whether it is internal or external? (I think of the speed-wise)

Antwort von deepcode:

My Recommendation:

Asus P5B Deluxe E6420@3.2 GHz with (totally stress-free), plus 2 or 4GByte GSkill DDR2 800th Runs here since 2 months, almost 24 / 7 and is absolutely stable. Intel boxed fan goes completely, is very quiet.
It could be synonymous an E4400 hochzwirbeln, but against the E6420 saves you just 50 EUR, as worth the rumgeizen IMO not.
Recommendation for the graphics card would be passively cooled and therefore silent PowerColor X1550. Dual-DVI up to 1600 x 1200 + video, and also very stable even for a 3D game between synonymous reichts loose.
Running synonymous in the case of double trouble with assembly then 3 or 4 monitors.
Power Recommendation: Silverstone ST50EF Pros, test winner, unkaputtbar and highest efficiency, and almost noiselessly.

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Not exactly cheap.

No, only cheaper for the performance. :)

The "cheap computers" aus'm discounters are not just stop after the cheap price. The one can surf to write articles and give (and when it's really holding less than 400 euros to be 100 times I would prefer a good used Armada M300 or SonyVaio draw instead of me so Nervkiste to purchase), but there is really s.jedem cents and save the notes you sooner or later (usually even earlier, because an already assembled Billigstluefter when you turn your ears to the wegkreischen badly designed Gehauese oven temperature to below to get).

If you really hold a very favorable system and want 100 euro too much more for your practically nonexistent budget are:

Athlon 64x2 3800 EE
Eventually a nice ATX MSI board (when it's really sh ... e to be cheap, do it or even Elitegroup AsRock)
1 GB MDT DDR2-800 (2GB is nice, but really need to do first .. retrofit is not as virtually always when there is little carbon - therefore synonymous erstma take a 1GB bars and first on Dual Channel refrain)
ne some passively cooled graphics card
Ne 200 Seagate
N LC Power (virtually no-name, but after several tests fairly stable voltage) and some 420 Netztel s big no-name enclosure.

To summarize about 500 euros.

Antwort von JMitch:

I had so 700 ¬ for my new computer set. Olus 350 of the screen. I think I am still in the process or?

Antwort von HeikoS:

So DV editing for DV and the result for the web .... which really does not require GHz strotzenden computers.
You could yourself used synonymous NEN growth.

Antwort von Daigoro:

"HeikoS" wrote:
So DV editing for DV and the result for the web .... which really does not require GHz strotzenden computers.
You could yourself used synonymous NEN growth.

Actually last dafuer ne Digiknipse with video capability (640x480 30fps for 250 euros) and 50 euros any PC in the Internet comes from PCVerwerter. :)

But if he ever ni want to spend money ...

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