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Detailed Nikon D5000 test at of rob - 13 Jun 2009 09:35:00
The colleagues of have published a detailed test of the new Nikon D5000. Although the video features do not stand in the foreground, but are nevertheless mentioned in a separate chapter. Overall, the Nikon D5000 receives a very good "highly recommended".

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from sister paper Camcorder Info-Dot-Com


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Well, the D5000 can not appeal to me (; now apart from the fact that my Canon DSLR system), since too small viewfinder, no rod-AF lenses and use the movie function is one of the worst in the DSLR area.
The statues synonymous not cut me from the stool, Nikon has for my taste too strong Anti-Alias | Wavefront Mayaing filter installed. As you can sharpen as you want, with this filter, simply lack the certain "Crisp".

I let him away with my DSLR the way - the pictures look much better in ;-) ...


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