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Frage von DSLR-Freak:


following a test with Split Screen and interesting result:

-> See easy to 1080p.

If the test is not rigged, you see the same Aperture mE a huge difference in quality between the two cams in favor of the Nikon, which has surprised me somewhat. Of course, we see no pans, low light or the like. But the sharpness of the Canon is in Comparison frightening.

I would like to know if others have "tests" mill around on the net.

What do you think?

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Antwort von MaestroXXV:

Apart from the Nikon D7000 makes good pictures, but according to the dof you can already do not see the both had the same settings ...
definitely not a good comparison


Antwort von DSLR-Freak:

The sensors are slightly larger at Nikon. The lenses were probably not quite the same as synonymous. But what does it mean?

May have had the Nikon because of the reduced depth of field one synonymous next open Aperture. But especially should be the Picture of the Nikon Total blurred.

Seconds 28:
The Canon is less sharp at higher total depth of field?
If that's not faking, it's clear, right?


Antwort von B.DeKid:

As I said, but you can already see the s.Bokeh not exactly the same Lenses were used.

Thus, the really unfair Comparison.

But it will indeed show up in the coming weeks and months, some test for the Web.

B. DeKid

THX 4 sharing


Antwort von rush:

"DSLR-Freak" wrote:

Seconds 28:
The Canon is less sharp at higher total depth of field?
If that's not faking, it's clear, right?

Who can say whether this was correct focus ... , =) At times only to mention the easiest source of error ...
Is always difficult to make based on such small samples quite general conclusions.

Would be comparable to such a test really only with the same optics and the same Aperture, ISO and focal .. which indeed already by the crop factor in Canon and Nikon each varies slightly.



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