Infoseite // Effect, how does this multi-split screen? Sample video here.

Frage von RocknRoyal:


I do not know what this is called exactly, but you see it quite often and I wonder how this animated, multiple split screens are created with these beautiful black frame between the images / videos ...

Here's a video where the effect is shown (note: hard Lyrics)

eg 12:14

and at 02:65 min even with oblique context:

I do not work with After Effects, etc - is something synonymous with Final Cut Studio for example?



Antwort von Axel:

Never been so easy ...
Place in Final Cut Pro on the Canvas "Image and Wireframe, s.besten permanently if you look at the preview of the DCDP: can point to a second monitor (optional external video display).
> When the playhead is at frame in the timeline, s.dem start the animation, click in the diamond-shaped icon in the Canvas (keyframe).
> Set another CF on the frame, the animation will end s.dem.
> Draw with the mouse the wireframe in the Canvas (scale, move, rotate, skew just hold down the shift button) at the keyframes s.die desired positions.
> For a direction and / or speed you need a new keyframe.
> Smooth acceleration, etc., right-click in Keyframe: Bezier
> Or "conduct" in motion.

Tip: Is it important for you to see everything in real time would be appropriate in more than three split screens, easier codec or even off-line editing of the partial sequence with ProResProxy ...

By the way: cover higher lying video tracks below it, as long as they are not moved or reduced. In the bottom "nothing" (black).


Antwort von RocknRoyal:


As always, big thanks Axel, though, the whole for me just a little overwhelming reads:) but I will try it step-by-step because I have not worked with key frames and motion paths etc or similar

Greetings and thank you again.


Antwort von Axel:

You will be bound to read to you either the manual completely (done concomitantly with a mini-training project in the highest one week) or buy an exercise video (but it takes just as long because deepen you have time and again, what you saw) .

So, as you approach it, that's murksig.


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