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Frage von Gernod:

Dear Slashcam User

I have dieTestversion of Ulead Video Studio 11 download and wanted to install it now. But when the installation was almost completed, the cam error "A fatal error has occurred while installing" can be a help to me and say why this is and what can I do to it to install?

Thanks for the effort


Antwort von boder:

Unfortunately, I have the same problem since yesterday, can anyone help?


Antwort von frapedo:

Unfortunately, the setup of the software factory in an error. Whether this error is in any case, felt, or only under certain conditions, I can not appreciate. After hours of trying I have in any case in an English-speaking forum ( Notes to the error and found a solution. Here is the error description and the solution:

Toward the end of the installation the message: "AVControl SDK is installed, please wait ..."

This brings up the setup error message "A fatal error has occurred
while installing ". The installation is aborted and is sadly incomplete.

What can you do?

1. The directory "Ulead Video Studio 11" of hand-delete (by default C: \ Programs \ Ulead Systems)
2. the Setup CD to complete the hard drive copy
3. File "info.ini" in a text editor and open the entry
"AVControlSDK = 1" are looking for. There, the 1 to 0 change and save it.
4. setup.exe of the hard drive to start. The installation is now normal
5. Finally, "Utilities \ AVControlSDK \ AVControl.exe" of the
hard drive to start.


Liebe Grüße


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