Infoseite // Good HD Cam with great zoom and infrared recording (; Night Shot) searched

Frage von cidercyber:

I videography night birds of prey (; owls, owls) and've been with my Panasonic AG-DVC 30 may dissolve well, but Moeche upgrade to HD. I already have a good external IR laser. Therefore, the camera does not need to have installed an infrared lamp. For the Pana I had bought at the time the external clip-IR light and the expensive but good XLR adapter with phantom power for good directional microphones. Does my new ones have not necessarily synonymous, however. Easy to carry and should be good the camera, and robust because of the foreign operation. What's on the market for so in the upper class consumer? If you are interested s.meiner Pana, may be synonymous reported quiet, as I said with XLR adapter, external, plug-IR light, second, very large and many Panasonic Battery Professional DV Tapes (; some new and still sealed).


Antwort von cidercyber:

Leg times directly to: my mini DV Pana DVC 30 yes films in the "Night View" mode with IR sensitivity, I can say for example, to around 30m with a tawny owl illuminate the external, applied IR laser mapping and well. I'm looking for example for the Panasonic HDC-TM350, because the "Night View" offers. What makes me only wonder: when IR data is in a "no". Does that mean that they can IR or not at all only not own IR light has s.Bord?
Gradually, I doubt if there any compatibility of HD and IR are.
In that case I would of course remain with the DVC 30th


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The new Canon

IR has green and white mode and built-in IR light.

XLR has them synonymous.

By writing a Surefire flashlight and the associated optional folding IR filter should come away from something good for

Look at the times s.die is quite new to the market, I do not know when it will be at the shop but non can be long.

B. DeKid


Antwort von cidercyber:

Thanks for the tip, exactly this camera I had with my research on the net just now found synonymous. I must, of course, again deep in my pocket ...., but seems to be synonymous very good.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Cidercyber" wrote: ... I'm looking for example for the Panasonic HDC-TM350, because the "Night View" offers. What makes me only wonder: is on IR in a sheet no ""....
The night vision function of the TM350 probably means nothing more than an extension of the exposure time and use it in practice is probably only to a broadly steady images.

"Cidercyber" wrote: ... Canon XF105 ... ... ... Do I have to take deep into their pockets ...
Cheaper you coming with the exception of a few connections away XF100 identical, synonymous, the new Canon XA10 provides IR images and also the newly introduced Sony's CX690 and CX700, too. With the latter you lie already priced below 1500 ¬.


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