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HDV-Cam - nur rein zur direkten Aufnahme auf den PC

HDV Cam - purely for direct recording to PC

Frage von misha:
Oktober 2007


I am Beginners and try me just by looking at the market and lost me.
But I think I have a fairly precise and seems very uncommon application profile.

Maybe it's someone who says what and you can give me a hint in which direction it is worth looking at.

I have the following steps:
- Exclusive shots inside
- Fixed Camera on Tripod
- Only directly via firewire on a PC host (DV Rack, OnLocation)
- The highest possible image quality / resolution - 3 CCDs? / HDV?
- Controlling the Camera from your PC via firewire
- Input for external microphone (s) Microphones

- Any internal medium
- Image Stabilization not required
- Battery unimportant
- No Viewfinder / LCD needed
- No DV input required
- No photo function
- Little zoom required
- Lowlight good behavior (perhaps / infrequent)
- Quiet

Are there any cameras, just for this profile were developed? So to speak - from the profile as her as a studio camera - all the typical "Draussenfilmer" features omitted ...

Muchas Gracias!

Antwort von Duracell:

Given the title of your post, I assume that it necessarily should be HDV (I do now requires that your PC hardware synonymous to HDV was designed). Then you will hardly an alternative to stay when you light any of these weak consumer HDV mills zuzulgen, with all the typical features that the world does not need anyway.
If HDV but suddenly no longer so important, then do but what you yourself have already written: you buy a good camera head / Studio Adapter with 2/3-Inch-CCDs + Optics (then synonymous with klappts Bildbrillanz and brightness), and then a Komponenten-A/D-Wandler or, alternatively, with appropriate software Breakoutbox.
All in all probably used at the same price as getting a new tourist HDV cam, just better;)

Antwort von beiti:

Rated but have a price range.

Antwort von misha:

HDV is suddenly no longer so important :-))))))

It was more than a synonym for "great, high-resolution picture" meant - but ic even know from other areas that resolution is not the only long for "toll" is and am very, very open to alternatives, which are great.

What you've described sounds, as I understand it, very good. Only that I did not understand correctly.

Can you tell me what a "reasonable camera head / Studio Adapter with 2/3-Inch-CCDs + Optics" is? An example perhaps? A description? I had only seen scraps of information, where a high back four stood amount * oops * and that was more than I wanted to invest Is it synonymous to "small"?

Same with "Komponenten-A/D-Wandler" or "software with the appropriate Breakoutbox" - do you have anything for me to make googlebar - a Produktbezeichung perhaps? A link to an Ebay item?

Thank you for the answer!
I had not expected so quickly a good-sounding idea to hear, after I have quite a few dozen hours on the Internet was looking ... Merci!

Antwort von Duracell:

Exactly, price range would certainly be helpful. Whether the Ebay platform always makes sense, time was uncertain.
If you broadcast with absolutely not familiar, do I now, in fact, something difficult with recommendations, especially since the range is quite extensive.

Antwort von Trridy:

maybe a sony pd150/170.
gruß cj

Antwort von misha:


I'm still in a wide field on which the price is concerned. Several hundred dollars is quite ok, the pain threshold is probably at just under 2000 euros.

The only exhaust I will when I just do not including the goodness s.Bildern can get, which I introduce myself - that is the crux of the matter that I still want to get out and I'm now looking for a bandwidth s.Geräten.

Would desire, perhaps something around the 800 euros.

Antwort von misha:

Yes, PC-side should it be appropriate to look - if not, because I do.

Athlon64 X2 6400, 2GB RAM, and nearly 2 TB of storage on RAID disks.

Antwort von Trridy:

a used vx2000/2100 is synonymous, however, has no xlr inputs.
gruß cj

Antwort von Trridy:

"Anonymous" wrote:
a used vx2000/2100 is synonymous ...

There was no mention of any quality? Since when producing consumer DV quality mills? But, as they say: What the farmer does not know that he eats not: D

Antwort von beiti:

Since real studio cameras called the budget increase, and the other in the consumer and semi-field cameras without any pure drive there, I have only one solution: search on eBay or anywhere else abgenudelten a semi-DV camcorder with - or HDV output; optimally if the DV-drive already quite the bucket, because that would be normal for the shooting device is no longer fit (and given the salted repair estimate widely used under the normal price), for your purposes, but still good. Only the control of the camera from the PC will not go that there's really only with real studio equipment.

Antwort von misha:


I must confess that I'm a fool and "quality" for me in this connection a very unclear concept.

It may well be that a consumer-Cam is a solution - simply because it is mainstream to me as a layman and perhaps less stupid mistake in planning can happen.

But if I s.Heimvideos think it's really not my idea, if I can afford it. The idea was simple: because I have a large part of the functions of a camcorder of the rod is not needed, it could well be that for these applications are a niche product. And for that I would like to learn synonymous pay - technical Frickeleien make me quite fun * g *

I have a few hours after the "camera heads" looking but until now I think only for studio claims in the league of several thousand euros Equipment, eg SonyDXC-390P ...

PD150 is a full camcorder, is not it? This makes the DSR-PD150 meant, I suppose?

Antwort von misha:

Ah - I have now in post into a: Control the Camera was really no issue. I thought as a priority s.Starten and stop the recording, perhaps s.Zoomen. And the former happens anyway s.PC.

Thanks Beiti,

Although this corresponds to my presumption that I at the beginning of the search was, but it helps to get an answer. I will look at the search ...

Should anyone still have another idea - if you like ;-)

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Anonymous" wrote:
"Anonymous" wrote:
a used vx2000/2100 is synonymous ...

Since when producing consumer DV quality mills?

Those who are somewhat in the matter know, the irony in this question, probably smiling to take note. For all other safety's sake was mentioned that the quality of these "consumer DV mills" still insufficient, for example, larger quantities of the BBC used to be ...

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von misha:


a tip I would still, apparently, there was practically never a defective VX1000, VX2000 and VX21000 even at Ebay. After a few Canons, I have sought synonymous - XL/XM/XM2 ... apparently I have a class too high - there will always be worthwhile to repair these devices or they just do not go broke.

Could I get some product called "a class including" refer to a feeling to get?


Antwort von thos-berlin:

If you have Firewire s.PC aufnimmst, then you have the opportunity to synonymous, the recording start and stop. For camera movement, there are remote-Heads, the zoom is only remotely difficult.

Either you take a CameraLink with remote control, then the issue is positively done, or you take one for a remote Camera Optics, Optics s.der you can change. The second approach is likely to do because of your budget ;-)

Alternatively you after researching surveillance cameras, often with appropriate accessories in the desired type to operate (pan, zoom). Since usually only analog video outputs, then you rustled a suitable capture card for the PC, or better yet an external AD converter, which converts Firewire.

To capture just a simple Windows Movie Maker.

Antwort von Trridy:

I did not realize the monitoring cameras provide a reasonable picture.
@ Misha:
I have the vx2000/2100 listed because of the good lowlightverhalten the cams, because the audio recording would be expensive variant with xlr inputs better. because of the durability / problems of vx / xm throw the fosu at times.
gruß cj

Antwort von joecast:

ps. HDV consumercams are unsuitable for your purposes,
because they have weak lowlight and the manual focus
is difficult can be adjusted.
gruß cj

Antwort von misha:

Ah, thanks for the additional information!

Antwort von thos-berlin:

I did not realize the monitoring cameras provide a reasonable picture.
There are already quite good, but I fear that the price is not cheaper than video cameras. But they are such nice things like optics and remote pan-tilt heads tuned.

Antwort von maus1208:

"thos-berlin" wrote:
I did not realize the monitoring cameras provide a reasonable picture.
There are already quite good, but I fear that the price is not cheaper than video cameras. But they are such nice things like optics and remote pan-tilt heads tuned.

Ah, see - ie, it was actually not my focus - that is probably almost never be of importance - so I will nix monitor filming and just as little s.verschiedenen devices friemeln :-)

Thanks anyway!

Antwort von misha:


again many thanks to all respondents and Slashcam the forum as a whole.

Am now the proud owner of a VX1000 and wait eagerly awaiting my first shots. :-)

And curious to see whether in 4 weeks I think it is better to use a much-A1 or XH-FX7 should be ;-)

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