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Frage von tonymontanax:

Hello experts!

Please do not lynch me for this advice request. I have already extensively browsed this forum and already found some synonymous s.nützlichen information. Yet to me to ask you some more questions.

Canon XH A1s, G1s
Panasonic HMC151, HPX171

First of all my requirements:

I'm looking for a camcorder for short films. The important thing to me is that I can manage the camera to operate, but at the same time so much power to create me a reasonable film-look. I would also then be able to cut easily with AppleScript.

Now for the cameras. What would you say, quite objectively, recommend)?

Do much in the Resolutions?

Does it record a difference that tape and Sonyauf Canon, Panasonic's on the card?

How much has the advantage of Canon's Progressivemode the subject of "film look"?

And the difference between the cameras of the Manufacturer:
What exactly do I make the additional connections of G1s to the A1s (about cut / transfer or control of the camera on the Mac with Canon's program (name omitted))
Which of these connections, the other Manufacturer synonymous s.Ihren devices?

What are advantages and disadvantages of the HMC151 to the HPX171 (keyword AVCH And what is even more different)?

Oh and I now assume that these cameras are all priced at a wavelength?

I hope that it shows through here. :)

Best regards and see you soon,

Tony [/ b]


Antwort von Mink:

Do you have additionally the money for a 35mm adapter and Lenses (minimum ¬ 1500)? Otherwise it is in fact (at least technically) nothing with the film look. Film with 24 frames per second takes place when you use the 25p / f modes are not so much of that camcorder.

But you can make almost anything in post processing.

That with the influence of the sharpness does not go after that and can not do the above camcorder ... will therefore always be a kind of "video look" have. (If the film and the post but otherwise interferes with the good are not necessarily ... well.)

So if the money is there then I recommend the XH A1s with one Letus Extreme 35mm adapter and some aperture Lenses ... The problem is that you still (consequential) costs incurred .... Filter, external monitor, rig etc. ..

or if you just staged Canon 5D/7D working with all the bells and turn.

Ifs is still close with the Money: small camcorders: Canon HV-Series + Letus Mini + lenses + Krams (filter, monitor, very decent tripod, rods and Follow Focus) .... You can make fantastic shots with.

Yes, it makes a difference whether cameras to record tape or card. Some even.

The HPX is much more expensive than the HMC and the XH G1 is much more expensive than the XH A1 ....

Lad of the cameras but you include the price (accessories) in question come down the sheets and the studier. Then you can "make even more specific" questions. ;)

Good luck


Antwort von tonymontanax:

Thanks for the detailed answer!

So much anyway because I tend to Canon, I have compared these two cameras is already accurate. However, I noticed the only major difference is the lack of, or additional connections. Is this not? Had they compared directly to the Canon Page and in the Comparison on this page is synonymous no question of other differences. Have I overlooked because what?

With the film look, I do not mean that it should look wie'n Ami movie. Will have to look not only for TV-Total-MAZ;)
I thought that I get with the Canon called out quite well, at least then swore to me on a well-known cinematographer frühereres model, precisely because of the progressive mode. The Sonygeht but no different from, or have I missed something synonymous? :)
The money for a 35mm adapter I could not, which are quite accurate. However, I thought synonymous here that come with those cameras with their own focal there quite well. Even a mistake?

Actually, I had nurnoch earmarked a tripod. The rest of the camera can be.

Which cameras do you mean with Canon 5D/7D? Find more because SLR ...

And the Canon HV, which one would it be there? They're synonymous already relatively expensive when one considers that the XH A1 synonymous for 2600 is to have ...

Oh, and what would you call on tape / card for essential differences? Besides handling, that's clear. Quality would interest me. Although both have been rotated to, but completely incomparable with cameras.



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