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Frage von LM100:


have some questions about the issue of videos that recorded with the HF100 and with PD7 were issued:

The videos are played s.HD TV. But equally important is it to me, the videos are synonymous with good quality s.PC view.
Videodatein What do I need to spend to provide the best quality possible to obtain:

1. for the PC) I have is a MPG4 file (720x576) for PC output, but the Media Player will not play. Have also Esentials Nero, Nero, however, suggests to me the purchase of a full version before. Could then the file with the VCL Media Player, however, had the strong edges Sägezahneffekte and thus were hardly better than in earlier periods is not HD. How can I have the MPG4 file with high quality s.PC play? Is there a codec for media player or should I spend another file?

2) Have me the file as a DVD output. Great image quality s.HD TV. But on the DVD is still yes s.Ende SD but not HD? How can I cut me a video with even better quality s.TV watch? I've synonymous a PS3 (without card).

Thank you very much


Antwort von Modellbahner:

As an alternative Mep2 AVCHD (all 1920:108) render to write USB stick and then plug into the PS3 and play.

Gruß Bernd


Antwort von LM100:

Has anyone a hint what I s.besten file for viewing s.PC create and with which program I can watch this? I have always MEG4 created the media player but the file can not abpielen.



Antwort von heimax:

The format for DVD is MPG2 720x576 Top Field first. If you have the file in the format it will create s.PC look pretty good and at the same time it is ready for a DVD.
Alternative would be even possible to a WMV on a PC to be.


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