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Frage von Erbsensuppe:

Hi Folks,

I have to Hi8 analog capturing of old material bought a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 ... was favorable and is mögicherweise for my purposes (absolute amateur synonymous) is sufficient.

My question: Does anybody know how can I disable the onboard MPEG2 codec on the card to get uncompressed material for further processing in Premiere? (Premiere 6.0.1, WXPP)

According to my information here from the Forum Premiere can not handle MPEG2 streams, right?

Ever sincere thanks and greetings


Antwort von Peter S.:

If I interpret information correctly on the package that generates analog / digital converter of the card already has a MPEG-2 video stream. If you want to capture in another format to be converted in real time. It takes enormous computing power, and manage the data transmission rate of the system must synonymous.
MFG Peter


Antwort von Erbsensuppe:

Thanks for the info.

Can we work with the MPEG2 stream at all reasonable, or is that what the absolute home use, à la "is equal to the DVD and good"?

Is that correct, that can not handle MPEG2 premiere?

Thanks + greetings


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Martin,

The TV card has a clear focus, namely television. If you record movies, then the files will occupy as little space.

For DV editing, there are other, more appropriate PC components, such as the video card. Alternatively, you could be synonymous an external A / D converter operating s.einer Firewire interface.

Look here:
FireWire FAQ">S.PC connect your camcorder and capture images (in principle meets the description synonymous) to a video recorder.


Antwort von Erbsensuppe:

Okay, thanks for the info.



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