Infoseite // Help! Picture + Sound not synchronously, Pinnacle Studio 8

Frage von BenMan999:

Please help!

Work with Pinnacle Studio 8 and did some movies synonymous
successfully created.

but now I have a problem!

The film is in preview with no problems.
But after the burn edge and are available on the
DVD picture and sound no longer syncron.
The first 3 minutes is ok, but then runs the sound
more and more advance.

Please, who can help me?

Gert mfg


Antwort von rk:

yes the sound problem is known, from my own experience and two years angry with pinnacle, I advise you a "system change" to be.

You can of a so-called "cheap program" no longer require.

mfg Reinhold


Antwort von Schleichmichel:

You've probably shot! Kindly post only once!


Antwort von gefanet:

Sorry, I do not know how this happened ??!!?
I'm new here!

But a "GUN" can only have one,
of such unqualified answers!

Merry Christmas


Antwort von schumi65:

He has guaranteed not done intentionally, so it listens to shoot. Man people, so just before the Christmas days, but there should be calm.

Well, Gert, I had the problem in Magix VdL synonymous times, but that was my fault, because I somehow cutter when the clustering of Picture Soundtrack and was dissolved (wrong keys Combination?), And then join the sections of the soundtrack not mitgezogen was. It is, however, still have time.
Can it therefore s.deinen cuts have located?


Antwort von schumi65:

Hello Gert, ich bins nochmal. So at the exact reading of your question it became clear to me that there is nothing with the cuts has to do, because you write so that the sound in the course of the film more and more of the accompanying picture away. That seems to be yes but probably a software problem.
Perhaps yes Reinholt still something more to write the well-known problem?


Antwort von mischa202:

It is possible, its synonymous harddrive spins too slowly. There must be 7,200 rpm or faster. Although on the etiquette of the drive as' what is, does not mean that it is always so fast.


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