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Frage von dienst:

who can help me? I have Pinnacle 11.1 with a film created and edited synonymous what has worked, I then tried a new microphone with a comment character. The tool that did not react but worse, the original and the pasted synonymous film is gone. Neither s.mixer still s.Schloss the soundtrack is something to do. I have a feeling that the sound at the program Pinnacle 11.1 generally gone. If I use the Media Player instead, he is there. I'm slowly s.verzweifeln.
Can someone help me?
Gruß Gerd


Antwort von immanuelkant:

I think that's almost "funny", because today I have experienced exactly the same. Same context (audio commentary). Suddenly came the sound at Studio 11 did nothing more. Here I already had several films completely - synonymous with comments - overdubbed without any problem .... First of all, synonymous with me baffled perplexity!

I had the error relatively quickly isolated. The Project was ok (there was sound and could with any other USB sound card can be played). Only the Realtek HD audio on board (ASUS P5 de luxe) got no sound with studio out more, while other audio programs still happy with the Realtek losdudelten.
Well Studio 11 had contact with the Realtek sound card somehow lost it. Kuddelmuddel in the driver shifts.

Before a new installation of Studio 11, I have shrunk. So I in the Control Panel, Realtek soundcard away and hoped that when you restart the computer following automatic reinstalling the drivers everything would be directed. And so it was synonymous. Studio 11 has once again performed his brave service.

@ dienst: Which Windows do you use? Which Soundcard werkelt in your calculator?


Antwort von Carl Bernhard:

Thanks for the tip, it worked.


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