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Frage von rheinweib-heike:

Hi, I'm new here and I've been the other Fred synonymous read (; without sound), but that does not help me next, so I open new NEN Fred.
I've recently synonymous Version 15 and recently ne Casio EX-FH20, so the films with high resolution. If I load the clips into the studio, then the sound track is gone ... no sound, image properly. Habs for a friend with another Progg attempted because the sound is even there.
Studio 15 is even now still very current and the cam is not synonymous of date.
She takes on M-JPEG and the sound is in the BED.ANL. IMA-ADPCM as sound output. Am at a loss, can anyone help?
Thanks in advance


Antwort von rheinweib-heike:

Can I answer now even ......:-)
If anyone so a prob. has:

Media Coder - even set to German. Simply turn off "video" and "Audio" as mp3 (or whatever always synonymous), funzzt supi

then there is the soundtrack as (me mp3) before and can easily be incorporated into the Pinnacle. Little cumbersome, but the PCM format can not handle Studio 15 seems staun * *


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