Infoseite // If the sensor DSLR in video mode in strong sunlight will break?

Frage von ultrasphere:

I'm rather inexperienced when it comes to filming with nerve Canon 7D.

But before I do a sensor, or other parts in the camera shoot, rather the question: Can the sensor, or other parts in the camera damage when one turns to the sun? Find out what you have and what should you avoid?

I speak of a few seconds. Clear that I do not shoot 10 minutes in full sun. Turn soon in North Africa have, NEN UV and an ND filter set.

Everything else you read in the forums is not about long-term exposures but to video.

Thank you ever


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Take another NEN IR filter with.

Otherwise, you need not worry.

And if there is no fire s.der hand sometimes ... Lenses are only partly as a burning glass ... So always prefer to take NEN Mangnesium stone with ;-)

B. DeKid


Antwort von domain:

If you used with a lens, as a magnifying glass to light a cigarette can, then it is quite clear what happened in the case with the sensor.
None So with short and bright Focal lunch film directly into the sun. But who cares?
OK, greatly dimmed, the story again from different. The morning and afternoon sun has set especially dangerous at telephoto settings.


Antwort von Crookie:

With 135mm telephoto I've already synonymous anbekommen a cigarette ;-)

As long as the sun is not in focus, but should not be harmed.


Antwort von ultrasphere:

Thanks already anbekommen time for the answers that I'll synonymous without tilting lens;)

Get with the tokina 11-16er and rotate with the canon 15-85mm. 72 +77 mm UV IR cut filter are then yes but not that cheap. Enough as not synonymous, a strong ND? or does the UV-rays.

And how is it with the colors under UV IR?


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