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Möchte Motocross filmen, suche passenden Camcorder ...

If you want to film motocross, seeking suitable camcorder ...

Frage von Dexter Paris:
Januar 2010

Hallo erstmal!

've Been here for many years snoopers and would love it if you Could help me with your knowledge when choosing a new camcorder!

Until now I had with an already somewhat older model, a Panasonic NV-GS50 filmed, and was standing around while some old tube TVs, synonymous as far very satisfied.

As it broke the age of Youtube and 16:9 LCDs, I wanted to look at the pictures of the little Panasonic 4:3 not really like (black bars above and below me does not interfere, but left and right, I can not stand the ... inflate) and my experiments with the fake-16: 9 mode or the material in the NLE on widescreen PAL, then, of course, went hand in hand with a further loss of quality.

Anzureißen To briefly the purpose of application ...
The main purpose of the camera was and is to motocross racing (especially Classic Motocross) in a film intended for private use high quality.

Your average computer (C2D E8400 2 x 3 GHz, 2 GB, GT9600, Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platiinum) is indeed a bit dated and synonymous with native AVCHD editing, I do not really bother me in the coming years!

I have already researched a lot, but somehow I got the impression that the camcorder industry for my special little consumer purposes bereithält ...

My requirements
- 16:9 (of course), ideally for HDV editing
- Recording on memory card / HD would be optimal (because of dropouts because of dust)
- Mikrofoneineingang (planned the Rode Video Mic)
- Dust resistance
- Preferably no sensitive mechanical components
- Price to under about 800 euros without accessories

The camera will be largely as a hand-held camera or on a shoulder-rig run, so to speak, a "moving camera" to follow the pack on. I hope I have not put too amateurish and I want you to understand how to use virtually the camera.

This has already resulted, it seems to me that a massive reduction in the choice, where I now no longer really any farther: - /

What worries me now basically, is the rolling shutter problem in the current CMOS sensors. This is hard for me, since most HD posts on YouTube, featuring scenes and barely moved the camera sits on the tripod. I fumble for eternal synonymous but found a few things have impressed me greatly, as this one
filmed with a Canon HV30.

Fact is, I would like to tape-recording (because of the dust related dropouts to me synonymous s.meiner small Panasonic MiniDV) to make more and more problems and just ideally HDV. However, this was where I found out only a few JVC models.

For a time I had, I (the Canon HF200 in the eye would halt with an intermediate codec, cut or convert otherwise), synonymous because of the mic / headphone connections, just stop, I wonder whether I am the thing for rolling shutter, Kompressionsartifakten by AVCHD or other shortcomings, after a week back peddle on eBay ...

On the other hand, I like the HV30, but not as regards the band record, ...

Crucifix, it is really not easy what to buy, you have some advice for me?

I hope I wrote the somewhat understandable, is not so easy to express my thoughts in (understandable) words ... : p

Erstmal Thank you for reading and I would be glad of course, very valuable information! :-)

Antwort von Dexter Paris:

Sorry for the double post ...

I am still an extra question occurred ...

How would the SD area, the picture quality as a Canon FS200 (SD memory card and widescreen compared to MPG2) with my previous camera (Panasonic NV-GS50 with tape recording) to? Can one say anything about it?

If the quality is equal to or even better would be something I could live synonymous with SD. Then I had all my needs met (up to HD) and eauch can save a lot of money here ...

Thank you!

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Utility models or just the HG RF models of Canon are actually s.besten suitable for your needs.

This is not a Prob with the AVCHD because I'd make me worry s.wenigsten drum.

In the price range's just always such a sound history.

Now I'd put on SD anymore. Supposed to be for the next few years of peace.


To the cameras is recommended to protect against dust and dirt on the track to himself EWA Marine or just like Hardcases Sonysie has on offer.

B. DeKid

Antwort von srone:

yet another cost-tip for camera protection, cling-film, the stylish camera packed up so that helps to splash, light rain and dust, one should pay attention only hold out so that they can operate more synonymous ;-) so make the profit-synonymous Steadier-cam people in external rotation.



Antwort von Johannes:

"SRON" wrote:
yet another cost-tip for camera protection, cling-film, the stylish camera packed up so that helps to splash, light rain and dust, one should pay attention only hold out so that they can operate more synonymous ;-) so make the profit-synonymous Steadier-cam people in external rotation.



A garbage bag is from rain and much sowas next spread, so that a blue, the yellow are good for nothing;)

Search back to camera. HDV I know there is only on tape, or even with Andockrecorder, but it is not in your price range, I would resort to a HV30. The camera is small but has everything you need and is well compatible with larger setups, because it has all the important connections. Much more widespread among the Motocrossfilmern was the Canon xl1, but is still SD. Respectively. With HD I've seen very often Sonyfx1. But with a HG / HF or HR you should be well-advised.

Antwort von srone:

where you mentioned in cling-film, in contrast to the garbage bag at the location status of the show are seen on camera, and if it makes good, even controls the camera can reach ;-).



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