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Import/Export Premiere CS4 in 1080/25p oder 50i?

Import / Export Premiere CS4 1080/25p or 50i?

Frage von horscht13:
September 2009

Hi together,

'm new here and have a few questions about the workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4:
Next: I want to create from a different material, a BluRay (; generic scenes, filmed with Canon HF11 material, other material in HD m2ts). The entire workflow should be possible FullHD (; true 1920 * 1080). The more fps the better.

-Is there a way to create a project with 1920 * 1080/50p to? Can there possibly recharge profiles?

-How do I import m2ts? They always say "this format is not supported".

-How can I export true 1920 * 1080? I can only find ways to export 1440 * 1080.

Can I export-50p?

-How does the with codecs in Premiere. That brings far already with what. If that is what you can accomplish, or do I need another? If so, which ones are useful (; Xvid ...). Multiply by installation of Codecx export opportunities in the /? I must acquaint codecs Premiere somehow recognize it, or the self-employed?

I know now, many questions at once. But I was quite the search in the forum on Google and not advanced. Hope you can help me!

Thank schonmal!

horscht ® ®

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Did you really get any manuals?

Antwort von RickyMartini:

If you're a little concerned with the export settings, you'll find that there are many presets for each format! ;)

Thus usbei the H.264 format Blu-ray HDTV 1080i, the preset will find 25 high quality too.
These presets allow for modifications to synonymous, and therefore create your own presets (; Custom).

Antwort von horscht13:

No. I have no manuals get, because (a corporate license, or hold university, is in my case). I had to install only the Cds and are back in the data center ...

I've yet discovered when exporting a tiny button, where you can still set some things. Among other things, the multiplexing, which is schonmal well.

However, I still have the problem that a project may seem to a maximum of 1440 * 1080?

For m2ts: I rausgefunden that go m2ts with H264 in it. If vc1's in there, Premiere can do anything with it. There a way to decompress vc1 (; uncompressed avi for example)? This I found at google anything. With VirtualDub, unfortunately gehts nicht.

Greetings horscht ""

Antwort von RickyMartini:

What is it like when you the M2TS container of the VC-1 clips in WMV renaming? So that Premiere Pro is certainly clear.

It should, however, more than just a preset for H.264 Blu-ray are available!

Antwort von horscht13:

Jo, there are lots available, but maximum resolution is 1440 * 1080.

I have the m2ts gedemuxt and then saw that a VC-1 drinstesckt. This I have tried to import directly, which is not synonymous. I do not think that it is better for me to grab it back into a container.

Regards, horscht ® ®

Antwort von Sunbank:

I do not know where you are looking for but here in the export dialog there are a lot s.1080 Ausgabmöglichkeiten and you can then alter nor any synonymous:
zum Bild
[/ url]

Antwort von horscht13:

Uh, yes. When exporting, you're right. I thought the project itself. If my project has only 1440 * 1080, bring me an export to FHD not much, since a Upsacaling must take place, what I want to avoid. Similarly, there will be a downscaling, if I put my material into a Full HD 1440 * 1080 Project to insert.
Or should I deceive myself, and since it involves only a working resolution, which has nothing to do with the actual rendering resolution?

The goal is to halt, a complete tool chain have to 1920 * 1080, with (as many frames per second; s.Besten 50p)!

Greeting horscht ® ®

Antwort von video-blick:

http://forum.slashcam.de/import-export-premiere-cs4-in-1080-25p-oder-50i-vp374065.html?sid=6ab2066676b0a33d3f2469436034fa78 # 374,065

Hello boys
I like what shall synonymous angehet Export
Now as it stands in screen shoot at Sunbank I did not stand with me in my export settings.
So I spend films with SonyPMW EX 1 wants to blu-ray
In a FullHD 1080p Progressivscan this I have only a setting in EX 1 what is possible in PAL HQ 1080/25P
If I have a project in CS3 XD CAM EX / create XD CAM EX 1080p 25p (, HQ) synonymous, I have no problems creating it, but if I want to export it to Encore then there is no 1080p25 HDTV-High quality settings available, and only HDTV 1080p24 High quality is there.
If I take this one but then he shows me only with 24 fps NTSC
When I do this in PAL but then, alas, I spend the possibility mit25 fps, but just stands there half images up or down
And even if I with HQ 1080/50 i movies. states with the 50 fields will be included, (and so, interlaced) in export setting again there is no setting where it is 1080i50i HDTV-High quality. there is always export it with 25 fps, even though the project drawn up in the PR format is available.

Antwort von Sunbank:

@ horscht13
So now you seem to have found the Eporteinstellungen. ;-)
If you want to mix different resolutions you'll probably need to convert, because otherwise it will not stop. Whether up or down is up then you. Depends stop then you have more of them synonymous s.wovon have. Moreover, you should be times with (square and rectangular pixels occupy, namely, 1440 has rectangular pixels, 1920 square).
1080p50 is that Premiere would be new to me, but I have never needed synonymous, because if it exists at all for cameras that will be sown thinly determined.

Antwort von Sunbank:

@ video-view
My screen shot from CS4. CS3, I have not run any more.

Antwort von horscht13:

Sunbank @: Yes, I did. Did I already wrote yesterday that I happened to see the tiny button ;-)

I will not mix resolutions. Exactly the opposite. Everything comes with 1920 * 1080 and is synonymous remain pure!

The 1440 * 1080 synonymous 16:9 (but then, logically, with square pixels) is is clear to me. Change but not s.meinem problem that the resolution is changed premiere of the things that I want.

1080p50 is not a question, I thought you did. I generate my stop some sequences from single images and I could logically choose the frame rate. 50p is not a conventional camcorder is clear to me. The data rate is synonymous normally unacceptable. I am certainly pleased that the HF11 does real 25p and not a "pseudo-p".

Greeting horscht ® ®

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