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JVC GY DV500  oder  Panasonic AG DVC60 für Kurzfilm?

JVC GY DV500 Panasonic AG DVC60 or for short films?

Frage von schlappen:
November 2008

Halli Hallo,

has often sent me here with the forum has already existing topics helpful, but now I must once synonymous even a question to me here so far, unfortunately, still did not answer.

As a beginner in the film section, I will shortly present a short film and now what remains to be clarified, it is probably with the most important part - and although the camera. Since my budget range unfortunately not many freedoms are given, which unfortunately quality cameras largely exclude likely, I have to calmly, the offer of the Open Channel and perceiving me a part of the equipment there against comparatively very inexpensive cost to rent. The only question is whether one synonymous with the cameras actually do something (to me, it is clear that the decisive final s.dem operating cameraman and director and not the camera itself responsible. Nevertheless, some serious differences between various camera models are not of the be ignored).

Choice for me are first, the JVC GY DV500 and secondly, the Panasonic AG DVC60. Both take on MiniDV on which I have no problem in principle. For one of the first projects, I must not take on 35mm.

Of course there are differences in the cameras and in relation to this set and the better quality camera to find out, I still somewhat difficult. For example, in the lenses is to me the question whether one of the Panasonic überhaupt another can unscrew. Or. what lens is it and how does it with light and lenses from?
Recording formats, the Panasonic 4:3 and 16:9, only the JVC 4:3. The question in the Panasonic: Does she or anamorph with letter boxes?
And how does it generally with the image quality from both cameras? For example, there is strong noise in dark scenes (are planned for the film synonymous night shots)?

I hope that someone can give me their story or experience synonymous with no experience but with my decision to help.
Knowledge of how to deal with DV camcorders, I own way, from the television sector. In the film, I still had no touch synonymous and all the technical details, I have not quite familiar with, let alone the analysis and weighting of individual aspects of the assessment, which now Camera s.geeignetsten probably will be. For me, unfortunately, still lacks the experience.

Thank you already for all those who want to help me.
Nice day, Tim.

Antwort von PowerMac:

I would take the JVC (larger chips, manual Optics). And before a crash course Camera technique or visit an experienced cameraman involved. It is called "35mm", not "36mm".

Antwort von schlappen:

Thank you for the quick reply. What are the benefits of the JVC in detail with the Panasonic? What I like especially is very important is the quality of the image, so colors and color contrasts. If the gamma-correction manual adjust? Something like, for example.

And clearly, I know that there are 35mm. Since my finger is probably on the neighbor accidentally landed button. I suppose the error back again.

Antwort von PowerMac:

The optical quality of the JVC is better. Even by the handling and ergonomics. What you at these granddads set, I do not know. The JVC has definitely more manual features.

Antwort von klaas:

we had them almost 2 years synonymous für nen shortfilm ...
NEN covered in any ordinary monitor this and have enough bnc cable ...
ton vermutlch will anyway be external, internal drives, then I found a temporary but very loud ...
They had, however, synonymous of OK, who knows where everything was with aufm bau: D
So in any case NEN few days earlier and get abchecken again ...

gruß, klaas.

Antwort von schlappen:

what now? the jvc? she was good (ie image-)? The external sound is recorded and fishing. the atmomikro because of the camera should not be with. which only takes too many unwanted noises on with;)

I have ne way to me the film anzugucken? würd mich echt mal interested. gibts in the internet? or gives the possibility to me that you saw it as a divx compressed, for example, send?

For me, that would really help.
and what next I would be interested in, which also speaks for the panasonic, or what, on the other hand (especially in comparison to jvc).

Many thanks already!
mfg tim

Antwort von PowerMac:

"slippers" wrote:
(...) And what makes me even more interested in would be next, which also speaks for the panasonic, or what, on the other hand (especially in comparison to jvc). (...) Tim

I understand thee not. The JVC is objectively better camera. It has a manual Optics, bigger chips and is the handling better. There are in the Forum of dvxuser and dvinfo many comparison tests.

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