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Frage von ddigital:

Hi I'm new here working for a few months ago with Final Cut Pro. Because of the audio world I get Logic Pro I was able to quickly gain anything s.das program.
I wanted to help you but I ask a kind of light effect seeks to pass because you get in various music videos here looks good to recordable:

there are various colors, the flickering of the image of someone looking to you how I handle it?

Many greetings from Switzerland



Antwort von Axel:

Forum Search here: "Film Burn" or "light leaks"

In Final Cut Pro Quick & dirty with animated vignettes (keyframes) in combination with> Brightness and> coloring (or something like that is). Crafted in 2-3 minutes per transition. "Transition" is more of an intro or outro: Last 4-5 frames of each clip with "b + click" (razor) or with Control-v. + "Cut on the playhead position) remove (filter out and use only. Filter in the browser and pull the next candidate on it just drag and drop, parameters always vary slightly.


Antwort von ddigital:

Thank you Axel for your prompt response. Will test tomorrow and now I know how this effect is called synonymous :-)


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