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Frage von aight8:
Dezember 2010

In summary:
I think that DSLR very, very nice twist video images. My research to the advantages of the DOF and the light sensitivity. Anything else is if you are honest even "worse" when it comes to making videos. You need to properly use these benefits can in general, more patience, practice and skill than camcorder.

What I also noticed in addition, is the DSLR video have a warmer look. How do we explain this? Is this a recruitment and post-production issue? One consequence of the dynamic range? Would make as the HDV Picture in Picture appended by the look of her the same subjective image DSLR?

Antwort von Jott:

If the HDV recorder of White Balance and Auto Aperture rumeiert, is something out there. With the correct handling of course you get the desired look towards synonymous with it (apart of the Schärfespielchen).

Antwort von domain:

The two images one can not compare with each other: different brides, various churches. The light mood in the churches can be incredibly different, daylight through glass windows or artificial lighting, etc.
More contrast in the post, a few bits in the colors go up (the middle and in the shade) and already sees the whole thing again from different.
Who has such nonsense posted on the net?

Antwort von MarioX:

For me, DSLRs have too many disadvantages for certain situations, but they provide a better prerequisite (low light, blurred background, etc.). Good if you look at both bars can! ;-)

The examples are not really useful. From the camcorder-Picture could produce in no time the same cue.

Antwort von Replay:

Where did you get that little picture from? Same time anticipated. What is to be as suggested, is nonsense. The bet I can prove exactly the opposite? But that would be the same nonsense.

Basically, it takes some getting important that each device is properly set, which at least means the manual white balance.

If you "right out of the box" with the automatic tendency of a slightly warm color (Velvia look) like, time to look at the Sony camcorder would not go. A Panasonic one can with the right attitude also elicit such a look.

Not the camera makes the picture, but the man behind the camera. And when the dung is building, the best camera to produce images only as a cucumber.

I am shooting for various reasons only with camcorders.

Antwort von aight8:

Was only an excerpt from this video:

The look, however, extends more or less the whole video. The colors appear stronger in the DSLR.

Antwort von penkeler:

The camcorder is Picture-cyano-fusty. With a color correction can fix it, since most colors are included. The DSLR-Picture is a bit uebesteuert and looks more monochrome, in terms of skin color. The yellow tint can be solved conditionally, ie, the faces remain next monochrome. See your Picture with Color correction: Which is better?

Antwort von Axel:

Many shots in HDV are a bit dark because it is easy and without additional lighting here as a means of choice of videographers over a medium to (gain -) noisy video. It would, however, can brighten up a bit in the post. The point light is s.die DSLR.
Even with the HDV camcorder succeed-shallow DoF shots, namely, when close-ups are cut (ie, "macro"), which is natural in connection with a wedding.
The clipping (the exposure) is indeed both typical of the often difficult situations and is controlled by a light of happiness. Who has the time vorzupappen a light diffusing filter (good: Tiffen Promist 1 / 2), for example, the notoriously open to church door in your attachments, where it is several hundred times brighter than in the cave of incense. Here you can see synonymous - left - that blue light that may be called the daylight color cast. As daylight appeared the dominant light source is a daylight WB would have been better in the recording. But the later to make with color correction, synonymous not a serious problem (as penkeler proves) is.

From a long list of reasons most respecter would give the DSLR movie preference. It is interested not sow, how weak the actual Resolutionist or how are shades (eg skin tones) smoothed considerably. All factors of a "look".

Antwort von domain:

I think you want to talk to you nicely for a DSLR, or get confirmation for a preconceived opinion. For scenic shots with a lot of time and mostly without daylight they actually represent an alternative, but less suitable for the fast "hobby business" in normal light and specifically because, in contrast to photography, the exposure time in a relatively narrow range of 1 / 25 should move to 1 / 100.
Therefore, one of the biggest problems with DSLRs is currently a lack of internal gray filters. Pivoted and placed directly in front of the sensor are times in any case a problem because there are two additional areas on which dust can begin, which would have shown this relatively sharp, but on the other hand, is difficult to remove with a Ultraschallrüttler would. Screw-density filter, however, are only a cumbersome alternative and depending on the lens filter is necessary in several diameters.
Sure you will get in the future this problem is still in its grip. WoWu has already talked a bit about the superfluity of Aperture s.sich in the future and that we must learn to rethink.

Antwort von aight8:

So after the color correction, I like the HDV varients much better.

@ Domain:
Nene, I really would like to confirm me that it is not just bringing a DSLR.

I think DSLR videos as I said fine, but for me it's more art than films. Exaggerated much DOF I think in most cases anyway just annoying. I am beginning to understand why synonymous DSLR not recognized in the film world.

I also have learned that makes a movie less the technical picture quality but the film itself so that what you imagine in your head to achieve in a film. And with a camcorder in my opinion you get much more this support for this reaction.
DSRL is a much more of a gimmick style of the benefits of a 35mm film camera containing added.

But a wedding video for me then even more of a "work of art." As a DSLR is not wrong s.Platz.

Antwort von penkeler:

In the movie world is still working in 35mm. All video productions DSLR that I've seen are too strong with quirky color saturation and unnatural skin colors. With 35mm film, which has nothing to do. But there are movies that gemisht with e-camera and 35mm film, have been rotated. And a copy of 720p, one can distinguish the scenes only because film marks. Example of Apocalypto Mel Gibson - Panavision Genesis and 35mm film.

Antwort von aight8:

My statement was not the 35mm is what shlechtes, but rather that because of a Stylmittel Amateurberreich in the purchase of a DSLR or adapter but makes a huge effort. Apart from the fact has the disadvantages of a DSLR.

3 sensors actually have an advantage over synonymous 35mm sensors / film?

Antwort von penkeler:

"Aight8" wrote:
3 sensors actually have an advantage over synonymous 35mm sensors / film?

3 sensors have better color separation. This is noticeable in the skin colors, but synonymous in the Post Production - Keying and Color correction. In part 3 chip are synonymous lichstaerker.

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