Infoseite // Loss of film scenes when copying into the editing program (Ulead)

Frage von sporti:

I have a very urgent problem! I have scenes on a dvd + rw of sony with a sony dvd camera recorded. Unfortunately, some scenes have disappeared when I entered the mpg file into my video editing program to copy ... if I look at the mpg file, however on the computer with vlc or so then everything is fine!

How can I copy the movie (without loss!)



Antwort von Nio:

"sporti" wrote: ... with vlc or so ... watch

VLC SOWISO is a special case because it is not of the installed video codec depends on codec but the program accesses.

Do you have the video only in VLC player viewed or synonymous in others?


Antwort von sporti:

I've synonymous with other (viewed winamp) ...

it may perhaps be due to the one only a certain size can copy? The file is 1.2 gb in size ... if so how can I change this?


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