Infoseite // MAGIX Movies on DVD 7, problems with film credits

Frage von Enno:

Hello everybody!

I have the following problem:
After I import a movie file and have in the "Edit" go, each time the end of the film excerpt imported black, ie for example a film of the length is 5:00 minutes in the first 4:30 minutes or displayed without any problems . played. In the last 30 seconds on the other hand, I just added a black picture. The funny thing is that the sound the full 5 minutes is fine and flawlessly played.

Could this be a problem synonymous when importing to?
Maybe someone of you ever had a similar problem and can quickly next to me here to help. Wäre echt super!

Thanks and regards,



Antwort von camworks:

"movies on dvd" (no preference which version) is buggy without question. hast du mal online program to update?


Antwort von CommiXV:


Finally, movies on DVD only a stripped down version of Video Deluxe - as would I give you the same closer, has more features, synonymous works even better is simply better :-)


Antwort von heimax:

Legal simple solution: right click on the video track, Framtable rebuild and it's been done.
Gruss mags


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