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Frage von goxyhey:

Hi folks,

maybe someone knows of you with this program from MAGIX.
It is actually very comfortable, but ...

1st problem

In the "firing range", I choose DVD and burn my pictures show for TV (DVD player). After the disc is synonymous described (I see s.den traces), but finds the file explorer files (looks as if the DVD would be empty), therefore synonymous recognizes the DVD player, nothing!

I save the show as an ISO file and burn with NERO for example, it works!

What am I doing wrong?

2nd problem

I add videos in AVI Timeline mode, but even when you start the program no sound of themselves (sorry, maybe a halble seconds s.Anfang, then nothing more). The AVIs were with a CANON SX100IS Digicam created. DH, the soundtrack was ignored. Picture OK, sound is not OK.

What's lies? (Insertion of the background music works perfectly)



Antwort von Tom Keller Schweiz:

to Problem2
had the same problem. After downloading the latest updates soundtrack of the AVI file completely available.
Gruss Frank


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