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Frage von Daniel123:


have the following problem:

I use to cut video Magix Video deluxe plus 2006 and since last year to create a club for DVDs with the software. 2 units where in the first 2 videos (so that the 2nd video right after the 1st is playing and not jump to the menu) and on the second 1 video is included. To copy, I use Nero.

Now, however, always come back to me the people that the 1st DVD skips or jerky. For other works, however. In my DVD player they are synonymous with no problems (newer Philips). Can only report hearsay. First of all, were synonymous read on the copies that I could stop by but I do not have a DVD drive alteres the original DVD with all the input but the burner input.

As blanks, I use the default SonyDVD-R and 14x read about with an AND write only with 8x. The bitrate in the firing mode so I do s.das the two videos to fit the disc (the original). If so, the 4900 kbit / s.

Source material is on a HDD on the Cam Calculator copied, converted to mpg, cut and with only a couple of fade between scenes provide.

My thoughts on the deal so that the time it s.den settings of the program may be. Is this possible?
Create a sample grade SonyDVD + R where the bitrate is not the whole DVD space occupied and the max. Bitrate of 7456 (standart setting?) Runtergestellt is at 6456. Moreover, as in the other ring blanks Smart Speech and Anti-cilium filter enabled.

Or it may be synonymous s.der computing power of my computer (Athlon XP 3200 +) subject? But since müste but bucking the entire movie or not?

To become very detailed. I hope someone can help me.
MFG Daniel


Antwort von Markus73:

Hi Daniel,

I was not necessarily a solution for you, but at least a few hints.

On the computing power of your PC, it is definitely not.

In my experience there are at least two ways, as I have a "jerky" DVD can create:

1. I use a blank disc that is not in harmony with the burner. Especially with DVD + RW, I have bad experiences. With DVD-R and DVD + R Verbatim of contrast, I had previously not had a single problem. But this is an individual combination of the Brenner-blank-dependent, many burner manufacturers synonymous recommendations for blanks.

2. The bit rate is (despite matching average possibly selectively) to high. It should be noted that Magix rumors that the maximum bit rate occasionally exceeds significantly short synonymous. Especially older player can have major problems. Would be interesting to observe s.welchen points precisely the problems: bitrate problems remembers you prefer if a lot of change in the Picture, in my case, especially for fast insertion of larger texts.

Your experiment with a lower bit rate is already a good start.



Antwort von Helene:

I see the error in friction Bersch nothing that could bring me to a change in the configuration.

Sony16x with 8x should be OK (is of me at ourselves often recommended)

The DVDs run just aud Some players do not, this is normal.

Since the test programs would be like, Plextools, K-Probe or Nero DVDspeed who previously claimed to be.


Antwort von Daniel123:

What do because the tools exactly? Check the DVD to Ruckler and error? Are the freeware?

Can me somebody please explain what smart rendering exactly is responsible?


Antwort von Helene:

NERO DVDspeed available on the Net


Antwort von Markus:

A link to more articles with links to further information:
Problems with DVDs dive here on a regular basis


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