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Frage von DocDoom:


've got a problem. With Magix Video Deluxe 2006 added a movie to Mpeg2. Mpeg file size of 2 gigabytes. In the burning options enabled smart rendering. If, therefore, on the DVD disc need synonymous only 2 gigabytes. But I Displays s.das 5889 MB free on the disc needed. Am I doing something wrong or not smart rendering funtioniert option?


Antwort von Stefan:

I assume you have set a higher image quality (bit rate) for the DVD as it has the source MPEG. That would explain that the target DVD needs more space. Smart rendering it only means that will determine whether parts can be copied 1:1 (no, it can happen) and if necessary, whether the renderin (Umencodieren) "on-the-fly" during the burning process.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von schurald:

I have never been synonymous done in VDL, using this function because only minimal differences to the source file enough that everything is re-rendered.

@ thick Stephan:
You know by chance if there are losses in quality when zoommässig reduced mpegII in VDL, so the TV) (after burning to DVD synonymous reflect the entire picture? Normally, yes keeps falling off a considerable part of the picture. In VDL, one can even make this show. In the past I was always very surprised when suddenly disappeared part of the title s.den edges.

Well, if I change the size, needs to be re-rimmed synonymous everything again :-(


Antwort von Stefan:

Yes, there will be losses in quality and I would let it. To do it right the zoom, you need to deinterlace the picture. This alone has already destroyed up to 50% of the original image information. Then will be reduced and the synonymous raises gone Details ...

I would look for when shooting that not fall filmwesentliche motifs in the Overscanbereich. If the visible areas of your TV and your camera's viewfinder (LCD) differ significantly, can you help markers affixed s.der Camera.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von chrisgau:

"schurald" wrote: I have never been synonymous done in VDL, using this function because only minimal differences to the source file enough that everything is re-rendered.

I can sign it. This function is really smart rendering for Magix Video Delux a bad joke. According to my observation, it's enough already, if you put an MP3 file and imported in an otherwise unchanged MPEG video.

In brief ... it should be "smart rendering" just completely forgotten.



Antwort von joshi15:


synonymous made the experience had nothing brings the smart rendering. I have a PROBLEM that after I burned the movie on dvd and the player to reproduce movements artiflake ring and be seen to wave disturbances. I render with the highest bitrate ge.
encode eweiterten setting the de-are so extensive that knows no.
jemad has a solution?



Antwort von Gast 0815:

So, here my experience with views Smartrendern in VDL2006:

1) material is of a DVD (VOB file) with mpeg2 sound: works
2) same with AC3: does not go
3) MPEG-2 standard definition, Standardton: works
3) DVB-S does not usually work, as it often does not send any standard resolution or the data rate transmitter "is puffed up." Sometimes this helps the file through ProjectX (or hunt like) to (of course) only when shooting in DVD resolution; allegedly helps synonymous appropriate patching data rate with DVD Patcher (I have not tried it yet).

Greetings from Marburg


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