Infoseite // Magix Video de Luxe 2005/2006 file stored incorrectly

Frage von Elisa:

Hello and Good day,

I saved by mistake, 2 films with the program: Magix Video de Luxe 2005/2006 (with video pictures deposits) as the MVD, and would now like to merge those two movies into a Discprojekt.
This does not work, because if I would like to add a movie and open the other, he wants to close the first film and asks me if I want to save it.
I've synonymous tried to export these films as Avi file to the program makes, but s.end I have a movie, which despite having plenty of memory, but he can not see!
Can someone help me? Have for days and still expensive because this would now like to burn.

Thanks for the help evt
pretty desperate Regards


Antwort von Mr.Music:

You can bring in MVD existing files in a new film ":
In the "Media Pool" tab "Recording click" and simply drag the corresponding MVD file into the timeline ...
Next, the second hinschieben File s.das end of the first ".

How will you watch the movie? As s.Television DVD?
Then you must then still in the DVD editor to switch up the menu, etc. and burn then s.Schluß "Disc".


Antwort von Elisa:

Salut Mr. Music

Thanks for the help. I did not get it, that the program, if I want to fit together two films for a Discprojekt that a film so unfulfilled. Mh ...
Only it is now synonymous so that the program is crashing constantly, so not only in this film.
Synonymous Is there an idea?

nice greetings


Antwort von silenthill:

Hi Elisa,

schonmal you have searched for an update to the sw?
If you have the e-version it can be easily via the menu
Help / Online Aktualiesierung ... your sw to get the latest standing.

If the program crashes later, we still can, unfortunately, as so often happens with the PC, very many causes for this type. In very extreme cases it often helps just a re-installation of the computer.

In any case, I'd take out the current (stable) drivers for the motherboard, graphics card, sound card (if not onboard) and your Capture Card is installed. In the fall of WinXP synonymous pay attention to current drivers for the operating system.

If it still does not work, raises the question whether the problem always exists or has been installed from the year such as new software or hardware .-. You could install this sw dann mal de test, and if your MVL still crashes.

One thing occurs to me yet, if your calculator is older it may be that he is synonymous with accumulation of dust and consequently reduced derivation of the heat is just too hot and unstable.

Otherwise I do not know at the moment synonymous next and hope I could help.

Have a nice Sunday yet.




Antwort von elisa:

salut silent,

So once you very much for your information. The program ran so s.Anfang sehhr well. Only Jatate after 2 weeks it probably has an upset stomach!
I have xp contain old and new before 4 weeks of so I guess there are no problems. Maybe my virtual memory. I just saw, that was the only set to 288th
I will check it all times, and then I hope that it works.

Ps He's burning this morning canceled and says that the fault lies with the encoding: No files available!
(,,,,??) Well that can not be. The discproject has been reviewed and now he does not find the files?



Antwort von Mr.Music:

Elisa @
You'll have some information about your computer, otherwise nobody can help you.
Check out the free space on the hard drive ...


Antwort von prem:

Salut Mr. Music

I think the whole problem was once s.meinem small space. I have installed myself now, an additional 200 GB of hard drive and am going to do and started to get ready to go there for movies.
Now it is so, I "a thousand fragments" in my folder and I am absolutely overwhelmed (as a bloody beginner), how can I tell what's important is what we can away.
For example, I have movies saved as MPEG file and next to it are still many small folders that do not have a reference to (or?) ZB. HDP. AVD. HO. TAK also Dipordner (with little space) are located there.
I looked once, which are the largest and among which, in my opinion. I am, however, almost impossible to decide.
I stop when I started furiously saved and now I have a "Ratatouille" Of Datenwust.
How do I know what can and what is not gone. Otherwise, the new FB synonymous overflowing

A dear greeting
Ps you should work conscientiously!


Antwort von Mr.Music:

Basically you should create for each project, of course, a separate folder. After the Project is completed, the entire folder is deleted and the stuff is gone.
VDL creates a lot of files with different extensions. Here Consume the most space, AVI files, followed of the WAV files. The other may be from her practically negligible memory requirements.


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