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Frage von the_flasher:

Hello, I have a very nice problem with Magix Video Deluxe 2006/2007 Pros.

Every time when it is running and I turn on the windows media player to crash the whole program.

I am really puzzled, because a clean installation of Magix, and the Media Player has brought nothing.

Random white person, what we can do? Or that I can only perform a clean installation of XP left? I need Magix pretty badly, because it is the only program that I know that my Canon HV20 in Capture Mode detects.

Yours sincerely,



Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

Are you working under XP, if yes: Administrator rights or restricted account, if the latter: you have Magix installed under this account or another?


Antwort von Simon2k7:

Hi, for me there is only the admin account and I am always on it.

just strange problem
gruss theflasher


Antwort von the_flasher:

and yes I work with Xp, but as I said have no limited rights

Greetings again



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