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Frage von Flubber:


Ih have the following problem and do not know what I can behben.

For some time I can no longer video than MPEG 2 file umwandel if I try just happens garnicht more.

It is possible the video as avi to store but the quality is significantly verschlechtet. The jerky image is blurred, distorted. just totally horrible.

I do not know what was wrong could be. Previously I had the problem.

Thanks for your tips




Antwort von Markus:

"Flubber" wrote: Previously I had the problem.
So the question arises as to what you've changed since then s.PC? Alone run from just test versions, which are made of then simply do not work anymore.

Same topic currently:
Capture problem


Antwort von Gast 0815:

Through anything (such as other video software, Codec Pack, Player, Nero, etc.) seems to be "built in" MPEG-2 encoder is no longer working.
On-witted would then perform a clean installation of VDL, but before uninstall correctly. Previously initiated projects for safety's sake as a DV-AVI export.

Nice 2007,
Greetings from Marburg


Antwort von najestus:

I have follow problem. I would like our own video shot that I've worked with Magix in MPEG-4 export and look on the beamer. The problem is that there is no preference which Resolutionich suppose, because the quality is never as iches want. Would be nice if someone knows help quickly.

mfg Najestus


Antwort von Gast 0815:

What codec with what settings do you use for exactly?

Greetings from Marburg


Antwort von Markus:

"najestus" wrote: I wish our own [...] video shot on the beamer look.
You write, the quality is never the way you want it. Plus a little test: Connect the camcorder directly s.den times Beamer s.and judge the quality of the original directly on the canvas.

Perhaps it is simply no better, especially if you do not high-definition video (HD) rotate, the projection screen is rather large and you (too) close earlier stand.


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