Infoseite // Motion effect with images - such as animation?

Frage von Mona22:

Would like like a 5 min film together - without exception only of Images (jpg). Everything can be static and fade is determined to be boring, so I have about half with the effect of animated motion. Now my question: So that not everything in confusion for the viewer appears - at around 70 frames per 2-7 sec duration, as I leave the Bewegunseffekt s.besten run, so not everything has to be restless?
Only with position on Picture pan, zoom in much or little? Every Picture somehow synonymous or swirl some stills drinlassen? Or else some tips for this case?
Would appreciate it if someone answers, the sort has ever made or the matter may well imagine. Thank you.


Antwort von hyneck:

A musikvideo. so anything is possible
A lecture / doku ect. only not too much action!
gruß cj


Antwort von Mona22:

It is with a slow piece of music background. As I said: 2-7 sec. per picture / animation.


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