Infoseite // Movie Maker - mpg lands only in the audio track

Frage von onway:


myself with Movie Maker deals first. For some reason he invited the mpg file as an audio / music track, but not in the video track.
Therefore, I see the video synonymous when cutting not.
Also, the Clipvorschau does not work.

Can the video but in the Windows Media Player to play smoothly.

Thanks for the help

WinXP Sp2


Antwort von goepf:

I have the same problem - for example in the processing magix video is how it works - and if I s.den activated codecs rumschraube (Tools, Options), then I can sometimes no longer import - but I have no solution found.

thank you for your help!


Antwort von Markus:

"onway" wrote: For some reason he invited the mpg file as an audio / music track, but not in the video track.
Check the file with GSpot times and give feedback, what codec the video file and what is required on your computer.

"goepf" wrote: ... for example in the processing magix video is how it works ...
Counter-question (s): Why do you want to necessarily take the Movie Maker, but if it works with MVD? And why you s.den codecs screw around until it no longer synonymous since going?


Antwort von Skippy:

Hello, this problem has synonymous. Have you the error because even discovered?


Antwort von wotan:

One solution is safe for you, the affected file before editing in zb wmv (for movie maker s.besten) to convert. Experience shows that the quality loss is usually (for me) to join.

Each case is: always check first with Gspot, obs is superior only in the one or even all Mpeg occurs; codecs check.

So nebsbei:
Mpeg is not always the same, there are standards such as D10 which I think has only P frames, and files can be synonymous "half" defective. The Movie Maker is the s.wenigsten stable program that I know, but if he runs for some users, the reason for sure.

PS: Now already 3 people have the same problem, but None says what Gspot says about the file if you click 1 2 3 ...


Antwort von Skippy:

Hi, So I do not have such an idea. Have downloaded the GSpot, but nothing went BECAUSE I did not know what I do. Now I have your mail read with the 1-2-3, so I pressed the buttons in GSpot, then the movie in WinPlayer newly opened AND saved SEE DA ... now, he bearbeitn and anything synonymous. HOW!? Do not know what I have done, BUT YOU - YOU have helped me a lot .... THANKS 1000x


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