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Frage von eckipa200:


I just play my old VHS videos to DVD. Unfortunately, I have an important old film to NTSC, this is not from my VCR.

Can someone help me this? I would like to charge my small cassette in NTSC format on DVD on plays have.

Thanks and Regards


Antwort von DoBBy:

For this you need, as has been recognized, an NTSC player. Because this format in our area is not common (we use PAL), it is therefore synonymous cumbersome s.NTSC devices to come. There are devices that can be both, but now only because of an extra cartridge, a new VHS machine to buy, I consider useless. (Except of course you have money).

Since you say you would like the tape against a small fee to play on, I would thee times a good quality and priced very reasonable offer dubbing company where I still do not have their own experiences could make, but know of friends and saw that the final quality is usually very much better than it one of the original cartridge still would have expected.

Turn you at times Behrendt.TV (Betreiber: Markus Behrendt). Der war hier synonymous mal im Forum tätig and ich meine mich zu erinnern, dass ich mal irgendwo in seinen Beiträgen gelesen habe, dass er synonymous einen NTSC-Rekorder besitzt. Schreib ihn doch einfach mal per E-Mail an. Er wird dir das sagen können, ob das Ganze möglich ist and dir synonymous seinen price dafür nennen. Zur Preisliste geht es here.

As already mentioned, of my friends were really convinced of Behrendt.TV and final quality of the positive surprise.


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