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Neue Kamera muss her: mit DVd oder Festplatte? Hilfe erwünscht

New Camera is needed: with DVD or hard drive? Help wanted

Frage von ardan:
Juni 2007


In order to record lectures and presentations and afterwards on a video DVD to burn I need a new video camera ... In doing so, the procedure of Camera -> PC fast and uncomplicated!

Currently I have a SonyDCR-something with miniDV tapes ... I have not a buck more ^ ^ (takes too long until the videos are on the PC ..)

Therefore a new Camera ago, with better video - sound quality and easier handling of video files ..

Therefore, I consider at the moment, which camera would be much more useful. Either cameras with built-in hard drive, or what the video store on DVD ...

Unfortunately I do not know what advantages / disadvantages of jweiligen variant is, so I am for each tip and notice grateful. Manufacturer only give advantages funny ;-)

I tend now a visceral rather hard to drive, but I suppose ultimately, what seems much more useful. The main thing is, the Picture and sound are top!

price can be at approximately ¬ 800 is ..

Did anyone purchase a few tips etc?

Would really appreciate!


Antwort von toffi211:

This topic is 2 X a week bahandelt, just looking for!

Antwort von Markus:

"Ardan" wrote:
The main thing is, the Picture and sound are top!

So a first-class sound recording, a built-in Microphone not deliver, even with consumer camcorders for ¬ 2,000 and no more. Since only helps the use of a recording on the respective situation concerted external microphone.

Drive noises ... affects synonymous harddisks and DVD camcorders

Antwort von ardan:

Mh, had ebend when browse the forum a thread once synonymous with 3 MP3 samples belongs.

I sinking times exactly what the camera will be saddled with:

There will be seminars / workshops / presentations held in a Konfierenzraum / forward. (Room size approx 9x5m ...)

Or times synonymous with clients, but the general configuration spaces are not enormous.

Filmed the presentation, of course, and her running out, and so on charts shows etc.. (Beamer is on the table).

The sound is most of the front of the person, but to come back and of course, synonymous times and Kommentate questions of the participants that you would like to understand synonymous.
We currently have a small Micro on the table (it is really mini ...), which s.der Cam is connected. Unfortunately, this way the adverse hum / static from the projector to :-( (or just good for nothing)
I would like to hold good sound from the presenter as synonymous of the people s.Tisch .. Can man 2 Micros' connect '? A cordless mic s.den presenter clamped and a stand-s.Tisch Mic?

The whole thing If synonymous with little effort, since it is only a "cameraman" is that it ensures that the person always remains in the Picture .. Nen extra sound people will not be possible.

The whole should then afterwards at no extra sound-mixing or so to get the PC to be on a DVD and burned.

The problem is: there will always be about 8x ~ 30min to about 4 to miniDV tapes. (because 8 presentations). Everyone should be behind his own (s) Presentation (s) to get DVD ...

Therefore, it is often cumbersome to all the bands to seek, rewind, 1:1 for capturing, etc. ..

Sun, and because we are of the video - and the currently Soundqualitöt Cam not convinced, and synonymous handling easier (and FAST!) Might be a new solution here!

Help: (

Antwort von toffi211:

wid the video afterwards geschnitten / aufm PC afterwards? if not, calmly straddling CAM to DVD (this is the only sensible reason for a DVD cam, where the videos should not be reworked, and only in the DVD player to be viewed)

Antwort von ardan:

So, do not cut correctly, ne.

but they often present the personal uses ..
So person 1, person 2, person 3, and again person 1

person 1 and then hold both get videos on dvd ...
with nero vision will be a great dvd menu created and inserted both videos .. burned - done: D

more is not done ... at least for now ..

only a DVD Cam has not really much capacity, right?

Antwort von Markus:

"Ardan" wrote:
I would like to hold good sound from the presenter as synonymous of the people s.Tisch .. Can man 2 Micros' connect '?

With a camcorder with microphone port would be no problem. Using adapter cable could be a microphone to the stereo track 1 and record the other Microphone Stereo track on 2nd However, it would then have a distribution of both signals to the other stereo track is necessary, otherwise it sounds like later at "The Mamas And The Papas" (vocals only left, right instruments only). ;-)

When no longer post to take place, would be synonymous to the use of a small audio mixer to ponder. This would also be possible, the distances between the microphones and audio mixers be symmetrical (= less or no electromagnetic interference).

"Ardan" wrote:
A cordless mic s.den presenter clamped and a stand-s.Tisch Mic?

Sounds sensible to. At room mic try synonymous times a boundary microphone. The reception was in such situations have variously recommended.

"Ardan" wrote:
only a DVD Cam has not really much capacity, right?

No, it did not. In the best quality is often only 20 minutes. Whether poor recording qualities are sufficient, it must first be tested.

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