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Frage von ilinx:

Hi All,

I'm still a complete novice in terms of video editing. And now looking for a new PC and the Matching software for AVCHD editing.

With the software, I vacillate between
Grass Valley
Edius Neo 2 Booster
Premiere Elements 8,
Video Deluxe 16 Premium and
Avid Pinnacle
Studio Ultimate HD

At this stage I would like to use the camera for holidays, family videos and reports. Also I like videos with hard cuts better than all these ornate bezel (or at least until now:))

The more I try to me through this whole issue Calculator to muddle through, the more confused I am.

How much do you spend about? How long until a dauet it eg let's say 2 hours video is finished calculated? I desperately need to reconfigure the PC itself or does it matter, for example (synonymous in the media market in recent prospectus, for example, for a smooth, edit):

Studio Dell XPS8100
1000 GB hard drive capacity (2 x 500 GB), DVD multiformat burner with double-layer function,
ATI ® Radeon !" HD5770 graphics card with 1024 MB DDR5, HDMI - and DVI connector, 19in1 card reader,
8 x Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 1 x eSATA, 1 (x Firewire, 10/100/1000 Mbit / s network card; synonymous
opt for DSL), and keyboard. Mouse, 24 months Warranty.
Ready to go: Microsoft ® Windows ® Operating System 7 Home Premium OEM pre-installed
(; Product activation only at installation or
Change of system components required), Microsoft ® Works (; OEM).

Thank you for your help, I know this issue has surfaced several times, but unfortunately not the right answer for me was there


Antwort von aeb:


I think with this calculator you should synonymous for the native DV editing AVCHD be well served.
The most important performance specification - the processor - although lacking, but I suppose it is a i7-860 ;-)
The final rendering is less s.sich the problem. After several hours editing it should be relatively s.Schluss not care whether the final output for 30 minutes faster or more slowly.
In terms of software, I myself am still looking. Several years ago I worked very much with Pinnacle, after a lengthy video synonymous break I'm looking for a current software.
There is ken program for which you would find not only ardent supporters synonymous hater. What's with the one great, continuous falls off at the next. So you have to always test myself .......
To your list I would still CyberLink PowerDirector 8 ultra add to assist particularly well are performance) (multi-core processors, graphics cards, and 64-bit system to run smoothly so synonymous with mediocre computers.
There is probably considerable differences of software to software support, such as the already well into the new hardware techniques, or use.



Antwort von Alf_300:

The calculator gibts scheinbsar in various designs, of which only one actually came with I7 @ Proressoer into question, everything else is raußgeschmissenes Money.


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