Infoseite // Only Jerkiness at full HD editing in Premiere ... Final Cut with no problems

Frage von andidhouse:


I have a huge problem with Premiere Pro CS3 and synonymous CS4.
I have a Canon HF100. The material is used in Apple ProRes converted it to edit pages.

If I have a project in PP CS3 or CS4 open synonymous bucking the images in the preview than in the AUH Projetvideofenster and although extreme. At a professional work is not to think!

I work here synonymous with Final Cut. The same files run in Final Cut without synonymous only a ruckler!

Could that be it between the two programs as a major performance difference there? Clearly this is the ProRes is an Apple format is but still ... this is for me a reason PP merh definitely not to use the same hardware is so much slower running.

The Project details are as follows:

1920x1080, square pixels, 30p progressive, Apple ProRes
Macbook Pro, 2.2 GHZ, 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, Nvidia

Thanks and regards,



Antwort von domain:

Everything is not really an issue. Either you choose a software program, which reasonably well-native AVCHD editing, or you take a piece of software that ProRes well accepted.
So, where is the problem that you have not even made?


Antwort von andidhouse:

My problem is that I actually like to work with PP. Because of the performance, this is not possible ancheinend! The PP as a bad Performce Apple Pro Res, I think is frankly very modest.

Have you ever Full HD AVCHD natively s.einem material cut laptop? This can be completely forgotten of the performance!

PP has died for me. Final Cut is definitely for me the better solution for the MAC.


Antwort von

themselves to blame if you do the apple codec umwandelst.beschwer but you do not have things your own errors.


Antwort von Daigoro:

"andidhouse" wrote:
Premiere Pro CS3 and synonymous CS4
a Canon HF100
professional work
30p Progressive



Antwort von tatita:


I have a similar problem. I have some clips in DVCProHD on Adobe OnLocation (; CS4) activities. In PP CS4 these clips, I can not even see a frame requires approximately 4 sec load time! With the Mac preview "and in the QT Player, I can not synonymous clips view (only a black picture with sound, however, this).
In Final Cut I can easily edit in realtime and in Adobe Bridge, I can see me synonymous.

What could be the reason?

I work s.einem new MacBook Pro (; 2.8 GHz, 4GB Ram).



Antwort von tatita:

Has nobody an idea?


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